That couple next door…! Part One

Disclaimer: Please note that while we write this, we’re both aware that the conversation isn’t exactly verbatim. It’s as we both recall what each other said! (We argue a lot about this during the writing! He loves to add all the noises he says I make while I’m having an orgasm. Because I don’t realise it you have to take his word for it!))

Naomi and I decided to head over to the Coromandel Peninsula for a few days to check out a few possible places to settle in later this year. We would like something on the beach, near a township with cafes and medical facilities. (Yep. That’s a priority nowadays) Something basic. Two bedrooms. One bathroom. Kitchen. Deck. Room for a spa pool. Garage. Trees and native bush so we can awaken to the morning chorus.

The Coromandel has lots of small beaches and coves, but many are now full of rich folks who build palatial houses and never use them!

Were both excited to make the most of our remaining years or days together. Naomi’s slipping cognitively a little more each day, so I want to keep her very close. (To be honest, her writing has improved amazingly!)

Rex and I decided to stop for a couple of days at a beautiful spot with a gorgeous beach. We found an old-style motel. Not five star…maybe one star! But cheap.

It smelled of cigarette smoke! But it was cheap!

Still it was clean. Well, the bed was. A massive old king sized bed! The kitchen was primitive, half finished. Bathroom had a big shower is also a “work in progress”. It is massive with two shower heads.

Weird plumbing Rex said!

No wi-fi. No phone. TV only local channels. Not that we watch it anyway! We usually snuggle up in bed and Rex reads to me…often your posts!

Our bed. The most important item! Naomi said I should make the bed again first!

He’s reading a Sylvia Day book to me at the moment. “Bared to You” A sexy love story. I love her novels! I used to read Mills & Boon in the hope of finding some love and romance. Now I’m living it! Funny, eh?

Sometimes I feel a hand stroking my vulva gently. Then I get wet and we stop reading for a while. I wasn’t sure men could multi-task that well! So there we are!

Anyway, tonight I’ve decided I want to try some very rude sex play. I have talked about it for ages, but we’ve been too scared to try. Rex has always felt a bit weird about it. I’ve read lots in a couple of books and some of you love it, so, why not? I’ve always found my little hole to be very sensitive to Rex’s touch. When he is licking my vulva and my clitoris, I love his fingers gliding around my anus and gently probing inside. God it feels so good, especially just as I’m climaxing. Rex tells me the muscles tighten up around his finger.

Tonight I want him to try to use his willy! ( I ought to be using the word “cock”, but I just can’t, or “cunt” for the same reason… old fashioned I guess!) Not sure that I’m big enough though. I never thought I would want to try this. I’m excited! We’ve just had a shower. Not the most romantic shower. The water goes from hot to cold all the time. Rex was washing my vulva and anus and suddenly the water went cold! Ouch! He laughed. I punched him!

I love to wash Naomi. It’s such a lovely way to touch her body. Lots of soapy suds. I sometimes use a shower brush on my hand. Today just my hands! Now she is completely bare it feels so smooth and slippery. She leans forward with her arms and legs outstretched against the shower wall. I kneel down and use the shower head to wash her.

I love exploring her from this level. My fingers slip in and out of her vagina and to her clitoris. It’s gotten large! I know she likes it. She bends her knees to spread her legs. Then I slip my index finger into her anus. Ooooo! THAT she loves! She gives me the showerhead and I take the rose off it. I lubricate the hose end with lots of soap and make sure it’s just warm water and its only coming out gently.

Then I insert it just a little!

“Rex!!! Ooooo. That’s filling me up! I feel it up in my tummy!”

I only give it a few seconds then pull it out.

Water with some faeces gush out. I wash them down the drain.

“God, Rex, that felt so good! But yuk!! Was that poos?”

“Just a little sweetie pie!”

“Oh Rex! That’s disgusting darling

“Just relax and go with the flow”

“I am! It’s all flowing out of me!”

I do it again. And again. Then she’s completely cleaned out! I soap up my fingers and gently insert them.

Oooooo…. I know she’s enjoying it.

“Right my precious angel.. turn off the taps.”

We dry each other with lovely fluffy towels.

Now for the fun!… we hope!

Author: Naomi & Rex

A 81 and a 67 year old discovering love and sex for the first time!

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