Seasons Greetings!

Naomi and Rex want to wish everyone who for some strange and unexplicable reason, follow us on WordPress, a very contented and happy Christmas.

We hope that you will all find some peace and prosperity, in health and relationships during the season of goodwill!

You are very special people, who have enlarged our worldview enormously during 2019.

We have loved all your comments and contributions this year, and look forward to continuing the same in 2020.

If we have brought some amusement and smiles, then, all the better! It’s been a wonderful year for us!

All our love and blessings,

Naomi and Rex


Rex and Naomi (depending who is writing this!)

Ok, it’s Naomi

So it’s Naomi and Rex!

Author: Naomi & Rex

A 81 and a 67 year old discovering love and sex for the first time!

9 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings!”

    1. I still can’t believe I am posting so much! I actually enjoy it. I’m beyond being worried about what I share. Although I’m not sure I would want my neighbors or friends back home seeing it! I hope you’re having a lovely family time too Eve! Who knows what the new year will bring?! We have some challenges ahead we already know about!!
      Much love and affectionate hugs from us both!
      Naomi and Rex


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