Bella and Grandad (Rex) Part 4

After Bella’s disclosure Naomi and I sat and discussed options.

There was just no way I let this go unaddressed. We were very upset. Naomi’s confused. It’s quite understandable as the dementia kicks in when there’s pressure on. For all my own shortcomings and misdemeanours, I have never treated anyone, male or female with anything but respect. This boy needed to be told, and warned. The problem was how to do it without 1. Letting her parents know we’re involved, 2. Getting into trouble with the police, 3. Into trouble with the school, or 4. Making it worse for Bella. Hmmmm…..

As Bella had told us and not her parents, and she isn’t keen on their being involved, (dad will just explode and mum will want me to change schools), we felt duty bound to honour her privacy at this point, and work to resolve it quietly.

Naomi and I chose a day that Bella thought the young man in question would be around and staked out the main entrance to the college. Bella texted us when she was coming out and we hid behind the bus stop with her and waited.

There he is, the one with the red backpack and long blond hair…

Shit! Why does he have to be 6 feet tall and weigh 90 kilos!? He looks like a Greek wrestling god!

Maybe I won’t try to threaten him with violence….

Plan B.

I wait until he’s on his own. He’s walking towards the car park. I call out to him:

“Excuse me Norman, (not his real name) may I speak to you for a minute?”

He looks around hesitantly. Not sure if he’s the one being spoken to.

Me? Sure mate! Whaddaya want?

“I have a granddaughter here at the college who has been molested by some lowlife, I’m trying to find out who it is so I can lay a complaint with the college and the police. She won’t tell me his name, but I’m determined to find out who he is. Someone mentioned your name as being quite high up in the school, so I was wondering if I could enlist your help to identify him. I’m sure you’d agree that it needs to be stopped?”

Ahhhhhh, sure boss. (Looking taken aback!)

“Sorry to put you on the spot, but I figured you’d be one of a few I will approach. She doesn’t want to cause any trouble, but I sure do. You’d have to admit that guys going around touching girls without their permission is unforgivable, eh?”

Oh absolutely mate! Shit yeah. Bloody dorks! (Yep, that was his word!)

“I was just wondering if you would make some discreet enquiries for me? I mean, it would be really great to nail him. She was thinking of putting him on Twitter or Facebook or some such thing but I told her to leave it. I know a few in the legal profession and some high up police, so best to let them handle it, eh? So any thoughts or clues you have would be gratefully appreciated. You look like such a nice young man!” (I say it as sincerely as I am able, although it sticks in my throat)

F**k! You’re serious man!? Sure, sure! I’ll keep an eye out.

He started to walk away, but I called him back….”You better take this…my card with contact number… just in case you find something….can I get your number?”

His hand was actually shaking as he wrote down his number I had to look away! “Thanks for your help! I’m sure between you and a few of your mates we’ll find him! Appreciate it!”

And with that he was gone!

Not sure if I’d done the right thing. It goes against my morals to lie, but if it gets some results…

I relayed it all to Naomi when I got back to her and we walked to the bus. She just about wet herself! I wasn’t quite that happy.

Do you think he believed you Mr Holmes? She said laughing.

“I reckon he did my dear Watson. I reckon he just may have!”

We went into the city and had a meal then caught a late ferry back to Waiheke. Bella was in our bed, sitting up watching some movie. She looked worried.

It’s all good sweetie, grandad did a great job. Hes got your culprit on the lookout for himself!

She looked at Naomi and then at me. So I explained what I’d done.

“Now, tomorrow I want you to just tell one or two of your friends, boys and girls that they better be careful. Norman or whatever his name is, is on the lookout for guys that touch girls without permission!

With that she jumped up and gave us both a huge hug! I could tell she was relieved.

Are you two coming to bed? Hurry up! I’m staying the night! I’m sleeping between you two, so there’s no sex tonight!

She’s taken over our bed as well!!!


It’s the end of the academic year here now. The latest news from Bella as the school shuts down, is that it’s around the school that Norman is got himself into some trouble, and to stay away from him. Some of Bella’s friends have confided in her some secret “goss” about he and his mates. So I think we may have taught him a lesson. The Sex Ed teacher gave the senior school a talk on “permission” after the final assembly! Bella told her grandmother that she knew it all because: “grandad gave me a lecture about it last week!”

So, the college year has ended successfully for Bella, despite not having a boyfriend just yet. She sticking close to Naomi and I in the meantime. So she suggests we go ‘nudey rudey‘ swimming most nights now! We’re mostly being well behaved though…mostly!

Bella and Grandad Rex…Part Three

Bella picks up her cellphone and texts someone. They’re NEVER off them!

This is getting serious! She has my full attention now.”So what did you do?”

Well I tried to push him away, but he grabbed my hand and put it on to his stiffy. I nearly shit myself. He told me not to say anything, that I was a little girl and he was going to see how little I was. If I said anything he would spread a rumour around on snapchat (whatever that is!) or facebook (I know what that is!), that I was a slut.

At this point, Bella starts to cry. I sit up and grab her hands. She launches herself at me and starts sobbing. What is it about me that I seem to make women cry?

“Sweetheart. No boy, NO BOY has any right to touch you without your full permission. You hear me NO BOY…EVER… EVER! Your body is yours and no-one else’s. Even if you did have a boyfriend, he has NO RIGHT to touch you anywhere, even on your hand or arm, without you giving him permission! I don’t care what they might threaten to do to you! You need to know this. That scum needs to be sorted out. Do you know who it is? His name. Is he in your class?

Yes, I know who he is, but he’s not in my class. I don’t want any trouble though. He’s very popular at college. I was just too scared to say anything to anyone. They would just think I was a dickhead. I’d never get a boyfriend then.

Sweetheart, that is almost as if he had raped you. That’s sexual molestation. Do you have a counsellor at school you could talk to about it?

They’d never believe me grandad. He’s, like, one of the prefects!

“How about if grandma and I came with you, or mum and dad? Trouble is I’d want to punch his lights out! Bloody low-life. OK, how are you feeling about it now? How are you feeling when you go to the pool?

I’m a bit scared, but I stay close to two friends I have. They sort of know that he tried to feel me up. They first thought it was funny and cool. But they are understanding. I don’t see him during the day normally.

“That was a criminal thing he did. There is absolutely NO excuse for that. NONE!”

No… I just wanted to tell someone.. I didn’t know how grandma would feel about it if I told her. She can get a bit emotional, can’t she? She thinks I still need to be protected.

“Well, sweetheart, you do need to be protected! But more than anything you need to be able to protect yourself, and know that you can tell people if that EVER happens again. Do you know the best thing you can do to guys like that. Scream, yell, slap then, and kick them where it hurts most! They are just bullies”

You mean kick him in the nuts? She laughs through the tears! So do I. I can’t believe I’m having this conversation!”Yes, definitely in the nuts as you say!”

Why is it that all boys seem to think about is having sex? Why can’t they just be friends with girls?

(Oops, I was one of them) But this sort of behaviour is unforgiveable.

“Well, it’s your grandma who reminded me of how often a beautiful woman can make a boy think of sex! Yep, that’s about all boys think about, apart from food and Playstation games. When they are about your age, they have lots of a chemical called testosterone in their bodies. That’s why they start growing hair on their chest and under their arms and around their…”


“That’s right Bella! Very observant!”

No, not observant grandad! I’ve never actually seen a grown up man’s cock until I saw yours when you and grandma were doing the wild thing the other day. And when you were in the shower yesterday. But it was a bit smaller then!

“Well, I hope it didn’t put you off! You’ve been taking a lot of notice haven’t you!?”

“Of course not! I’m getting my sex ed from you and grandma I think!” (Giggles)

I’ve seen pictures of them and I saw a porn DVD at my friend’s house. It was a bit weird though. I don’t think it was, like, real life, even though it said it was. They were huge!

“Well, you are right. They are just acting. It’s not real life or real sex. It’s definitely NOT real love. The trouble is that they want you to think it is. Most boys want sex so they can ejaculate. You know what I mean?”

Grandad! Of course I do. I’m not, like, a kid!!” (she give me a hug)

“What happens when a boy ejaculates then?”

“Well, he kind of squirts sperm out the top of his cock, doesn’t he? That’s what happens when you and grandma have sex isn’t it? Except it goes into grandma’s vagina, eh!? Unless grandma gives you a blowjob…does she? I bet she does! (sniggers)

“Some things I’m not going to answer Bella! But, that’s what boys want to do with a girl…ALL the time. They’re being macho. Although apparently not these days with blowjobs. When I was young like you, I didn’t really care about the girl, as long as she let me do it to her. I wasn’t a very nice young man. We never did ‘blow jobs’ as you call them. I certainly never loved the girls. If they were girls who thought they were worth more than just a thing to be used, boys began to think maybe they deserve more respect. We just went for the easy girls. I didn’t know how to help a girl to enjoy sex until I was about 20. Then the girl told me what to do so she could enjoy it too! It was so much better for both of us”

“The girls all say it’s really good and they enjoy it. Well, most of them. But they are a bit sluttish. One of my best friends has done it with her boyfriend, but she reckons it’s not that much fun and it hurt. Is it really fun grandad?”

“Yes it is fun Bella. But it’s not just something you have to do because everyone else is doing it. You need to just slow down and not worry about what the other girls are doing. And you really do need to have a talk at least with your mum.”

I want to have a boyfriend who loves me like you love grandma. It’s so cool. My friends just pretend to be in love, but they’re always just hanging off the boys and the boys get sick of them always being around, and just ghost them.

“Ghost? Sorry I’m lost there.”

They just ignore them, like they’re not there. Don’t answer texts and stuff…

” Bella, there’s a big difference between boys and girls. Boys like to have sex and get their willys into the girls’ vaginas. Girls think that sex is about caring for someone and they get emotionally attached to the guy. Then, because the guy has got what he wanted, he’s usually not interested until he needs sex again. Girls are more romantic. Boys at your age just want sex.”

She stared at me. Thinking about that.

You’re so wise grandad. I don’t want to be a virgin for ever though. If I bought a boy home would you look at him and tell me if he’s ok to be my boyfriend when I find one?

“Of course I would! I could interview him for you. How would that be?”

We both laughed and she gave me a big hug.

Then she stood up, pulled her top off and stepped out of her jeans and ran naked into the sea!

Looking around she yelled to me:

Come on slow coach! Grandma says you two skinny dip all the time when you come over here! Come on, don’t be so shy grandad! (Laughing) Grandma says you’ve seen lots of girls naked before! Speak of the devil… here she is!!

I look around and here coming towards me is Naomi!

“Thank goodness you’re here! I was about to have a problem!!!”

What’s that grandad Rex?

“Bella wanted me to come in from a swim… she’s naked!”

Well, so am I!!!

Next thing she is! Her dress is over her head and she’s running into the sea!

Come on old man, get your gear off and get in! How many men get two gorgeous women to swim naked with!!??

So I did! The hardest thing was trying to keep Willy down! Naomi DID NOT HELP! Bella and Naomi looked and just laughed!

Next week we will deal with that boy!… but for now……

Happy 81st birthday to me!

Yes, I turn 81 tomorrow, 13 December! And what a birthday I’m having.

Sorry, this post has no punctuation of speech marks! It’s just coming out as I remember.

But I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would get a birthday present from my lovely man like I got yesterday!

Rex has ways of shocking me out of my comfort zone, but this one was the best ever, although initially I was freaking out!

It was a 2 person (4 hands) erotic massage! OMG I’m still floating a day later! Sitting here typing away makes me feel aroused remembering it. It was a complete surprise.

We ferried across the harbour to the city and took an uber car up into town. That was ok. I could deal with that no problem. Then we got out and walked through an overgrown garden into a beautiful restored old villa in Ponsonby, an upmarket suburb in the city. We were met and welcomed by an older couple who introduced themselves as A and B. (They requested we keep them anonymous, and we never found out anything about them) They had an foreign accent, and were quite dark skinned. I think they were from Cambodia or Thailand or somewhere around there. Just tourists apparently. We went into the lounge and sat and had a cup of herbal tea. I was wondering what was going on. Then A, the lady, asked me how I would feel about having an erotic massage!!! I looked at Rex!!! Freaking out!!! He had organized this!!

She explained about what she called ‘bodywork’ and ‘breathing’, and ‘tantric’. She even used a word I knew -“yoni” so I wasn’t totally ignorant for a change. She suggested I think about it for a while while B gave my neck and shoulders a massage. It was actually amazing. They suggested I take my top off, so he could get to me (luckily I had a bra on for once! He really knew where to massage me and it relaxed me almost immediately. He was so good and so gentle. No way Rex could do it like that. He was just sitting there smiling and holding my hand. She suggested we could move into their room. OMG! I told her I was quite old, was she sure this was a good idea? B gave me a lovely compliment. Age was no barrier to pleasure he said, they had had sessions like this with very old people, up to even 75!When I told them this was for my 81st birthday, they didn’t believe me. How nice was that?! We talked and I told them about my short journey with Rex, and how I was so much more open to trying things, but I hadn’t had anyone actually touch me ever except for Rex, especially in intimate places.

They were amazingly reassuring and told me that nothing would happen unless I wanted it to, and that perhaps we could start slow and see where it led. I was still a bit reluctant though. I was gripping Rex’s hand very hard!

The room they used was beautifully done out with exquisite draping in soft pastel colours. It was like an arabian nights tent. There was no massage table, but a soft mat on the floor in the middle of the room. There were lots of candles everywhere! I’m not sure what the scent was but it was just gorgeous. And the music!

A asked if I was ok about taking my clothes off. I was still in shock but nodded yes I was. They left the room and Rex and I were alone. I whispered to him that I wasn’t sure about doing this and PLEASE could he stay? I was under a sheet when they came back in. Rex asked if it was ok if he stayed. Absolutely! Many couples like to watch each other apparently. She got me to lay face down on the mat. I’m not sure what it was made of, but it was like lying on air. It was so soft.

What followed was just incredible. I can’t even describe it properly. I had a pillow under my tummy which lifted me off the mat. She started on my Legs and feet and he carried on with my neck and back. Having two people massaging you at the same time is amazing. He was gentle and she was quite firm. They kept asking was this or that ok. So I felt in control. I could feel her hands were getting higher and then she opened my legs a little and stroked my bum and little hole. She poured lots of warm oil all over me. God, it did feel wonderful. Then I felt something go into my anus. It seemed to go in a long way! It wasn’t a finger, but it started to vibrate! She asked if I was ok with this. YES!!! I was!!! Then I felt myself starting to orgasm! She stopped immediately and went back to my legs. She told me a little of how to breath and concentrate on that. I came down from it. The thing was still inside me but not moving. Then she started again! OMG!!! It was too much. I said please let me come. No, she said. Not yet. Oh dear. I can’t remember how often she got me so close and then stopped.

Then he turned me over and they just massaged my front. You know, I wasn’t the slightest embarrassed? It just felt so great. I was just so sensitive all over. B was kneeling between my legs. He had a pair of pants on, but I looked and could see his lingham was poking up! You have a beautiful yoni he said. Really? Yes it is so soft and delicate. (delicate??!) May I touch it? I didn’t know what to say. So I asked Rex! Rex, is that ok? Of course it is darling, this is all for you! OMG. OMG. It was weird having another man, a stranger, touching me in the most private spot!! Weird, but wonderful.

Is it ok if Rex leaves us now Naomi? Sure. You can go out and sitting in the lounge now Rex, she said. So he did!!! I was alone with these two strangers. Completely naked. Then A who was at my head end, took her sarong off and knelt over me and started caressing my yoni. I opened my eyes and hers was right in my face! OMG. Her breasts were touching mine. I closed my eyes again! I thought I felt her yoni lips on my mouth! For some reason I put my tongue out and licked! It felt wet. I have no idea why I did that. Then I said oops, sorry! No need she said, it felt good. that’s what I hoped you would do. I’d never ever touched another woman before, especially NOT her privates! It actually smelled nice. Rex is right. They massaged my breasts and all over. I lost track of who was doing what! It was just like being in a dream! Then they used a vibrating thing on my vagina. Then they put this wee sucky thing on my clitoris. It started very gently and gradually got more intense. I was about to come again, when they stopped again! And again, and again. They seemed to know exactly when to stop. They kept whispering to me stuff like you’re so beautiful, how does this feel? tell me how it feels? Just let yourself go. OMG I WAS!!! It must be what it feels like to be on drugs!

I had no idea how long I was like this. I wished it could go on and on.

FINALLY, he said you can come now and they took me right up to when I came. I think they were frightened they may have hurt me, as I screamed as I came. Instead of letting me stop then, they kept on with the anal thingee and also the sucky thing. I kept on coming. It happened several times. it was almost painful. Then they gradually slowed everything down. I started crying. I just couldn’t help myself. They covered me over and stroked my head and massaged my feet for ages.

I think I went to sleep! When I came too, I was aware of someone cuddling me. It was REX! He was lying next to me whispering lovely things in my ear and telling me he loved me!

All I can say is WOWEEEEE!!! What a birthday present!

After a while they both came back in and knelt with us. He said he hadn’t ever had someone react like I did! They thought they had really hurt me until they realised it was just me! Rex told them I’m always that noisy!

I’m writing this, sitting on our deck naked with Rex with the sun streaming in. It was a perfect birthday. I’m not sure Rex will EVER be able to better that experience….ever. Although he said he will try his best!

He told me he was glad he had to leave as he would have come just watching me!

Apparently Bella wants to go skinny dipping in the moonlight tonight! I’m not sure what we have started there either!

Out with the family tomorrow night for a birthday dinner.

We’re having a wonderful time up here. Back home after the New Year for a couple or three weeks.



Bella and Grandad Rex…Part Two.

Well, carrying on from the last post…

Naomi had related her and Bella’s talk to me in some detail . Wow! Was my initial reaction. Her mum and dad know nothing, which bothers me somewhat. Thank goodness she felt safe talking to her 80 year old grandmother!

She’s done so well this year at college. Top in English and Maths, high marks in Media Studies and Spanish! She is a very bright cookie. So whatever has been happening outside her schooling doesn’t seem to have affected her academically.

I’ve been having to wear undies in bed, altjough Naomi hasn’t, which surprised me initially, because Bella has been coming in early in the morning to talk to both of us. Naomi’s quite comfortable being naked around her, and Bella doesn’t appear the slightest concerned. However, I was somewhat surprised the other morning when I was having a shower and Bella waltzed in and sat and had a pee and chatted away to me about what was happening today! Then just wiped herself, pulled up her pyjama shorts, washed her hands and left again! “Bye!”

I mentioned it to Naomi. Her response was Oh Rex! I’m surprised at you of all people! (laughing) Don’t be such a prude! Ever since we had our talk she’s been so open and uninhibited! It’s as if she has found someone she can trust. She started sneaking in at night when her mum and dad had gone to bed and cuddling into me and staying the night. She realised I was sleeping naked.

Grandma! You’re in the nuddy!You used to wear jamas. How come you don’t now?

Well sweetie, Rex likes me in the nude, and I’ve gotten used to it, so I don’t wear jamas anymore! She asked if I was okay for her to take her tee shirt and knickers off too! What could I say? After that we were sleeping cuddled up in the nude every night until you arrived! She gave me a lovely massage the other night…back AND front. She even gave my boobs a wee massage too! And I gave her one too. I told her off for calling them ‘tits’ too! The young ones are so crass Rex. So much for private school education! Now she’s taken to called them bosoms and mammary glands!

The boys are going to be falling over each other to get to her! She’s got a lovely little figure! She told me I was an expert! She thinks you’re just amazing! She has so much time for you too darling. Unfortunately her mum and dad aren’t much good at helping her navigate through these years. Too busy and Tony’s been a wet blanket for so long when it’s time to talk about sex! Remember she watched us on the bed the other day! There’s not much she hasn’t seen already!!

Apparently she wanted to have a talk to me as well! Not sure how to deal with it. I guess I was just going to have to see how it develops.

Anyway, the next morning she came in as usual for her morning chat before college.

Grandma, may I borrow grandad Rex this afternoon to have a talk with please?”

I’m sitting there with Bella squeezed between us thinking ‘I’m out of my depth with this 15 year old girl!’

Of course you may sweetheart. Naomi replies. (grinning and looking my way. She loves it when I get uncomfortable!) What do you want to talk about with him darling?

“Oh, a bit of what you and I talked about grandma. You know, sex stuff and boys.”

Grandma and Bella circa 2005 Mount Manganui NZ

Well, 4pm arrived and the girl in question waltzed in from college. No surprises this time She’s brimming full of confidence and I’m nervous!

Naomi’s confident too. Rex, just be yourself and tell her the truth. I think she needs a man’s perspective and, guess what darling…. you’re the assigned man.

I’m still surprised that she wants to discuss her life with me. Still Naomi is confident.

Bella’s already changed into shorts and a top, got a back pack and a bottle of drink and off we go! I’m struggling to walk very fast these days, but she’s happy just dawdling along, holding my hand and talking non-stop about school and sport and her friends, oh, and clothes. We finally get up and over the hill and down into Piemelon Bay.

It’s such a picturesque spot. Hardly any waves and the sand is golden and warm. Very sheltered from the prevailing wind. Seems that it’s deserted during the week and only used at the weekends.

We settle down on the grass and just lie with our arms behind our heads looking up at the sky. I’m doing my best to avoid eye contact…The cloud are drifting across and changing shape as the move. The sun breaks through.

Bella has given me permission to use this photo! She said as long as there were no boobs showing!…(except yours Grandad!!!)

I love it here grandad. I hate the city. I wish we lived here all the time! Except for having to catch the ferry every day for college. That’s a real pain…..grandad….?

“Yes Bella?”

She suddenly turns over on her elbows and puts her head in her hands, and looks at me intently… and here it comes…

When did you have sex with a girl for the first time?”

“Hmmm…. I don’t remember exactly…”

And I was hoping that was it!… but no, she would not be fobbed off!…….

Yes you do grandad… grandma told me everyone remembers the first time!

“Ok. Maybe I do vaguely recall it. Why do you want to know?”

Bella, I can understand you feeling like that. I can’t tell you why girls have sex. But, let me tell you one thing…you’re certainly not just a kid!”

Well… how old were you?

“I guess I was about 17 I think. Yes, 17.”

What was it like? I mean, was it really good? What did the girl think of it? Did you , you know, love her?

“That’s a lot of questions for an oldie like me Bella!”

Well, grandma said I could ask you anything and that you would tell me the truth. Not like mum or dad. Grandma says you know lots about sex and stuff.

“Well, not lots Bella”

“Grandma said you taught her loads of stuff, and she sure is happy now! She wasn’t happy for ages. But since you two hooked up she’s smiling and laughing practically all the time. I know she’s in love with you grandad. She tells me all the cool things you do together…well not ALL the things…like what I saw you were doing the other day! I didn’t know old people could have sex any more…especially not like what I saw you were doing to her! It was so cool. Do you have sex lots? I bet you do. Grandma told me you do. Mum and dad don’t, I don’t think. They’re never kissing like you two are. Usually arguing and grumpy with each other.

“Sweetheart, I think they’re just working too hard. Sometimes adults forget to have fun. Especially with each other”

So when did you first touch a girls vagina grandad? Is it ok if I don’t say grandad Rex? I know you’re not my real grandad, but grand pop Les is like, dead now, and Nonno and Nonna are in Italy, and they’re really strange, so it’s only you and grandma. And you’re both soooooo cool.”

“Sweetheart we think you are just amazing too! We love spending time with you too! You’re beautiful and clever and have so much energy!

So did you ever feel a girl up? Like, with your fingers?

“Well, yes, when I was younger I did a few times. just quickly though. Usually behind the bushes, so no-one could see us!”

Seriously? Did they ask you to? Did they like it?

“Well we were just mucking around and exploring each other I guess. Some girls asked me to. Some times it just happened when we were kissing.”

So the girl wanted you to do it? What would you have done if she hadn’t wanted you to do it?

“Well, I would have stopped. I wouldn’t do anything like that to a girl who didn’t want me to. That’s almost like rape.”

I thought so! I had a boy try to do it to me the other day in the swimming pool. He came up behind me a pressed his cock up against me me and grabbed me round the top of my legs and put his hand inside my togs.

Well, that’s a bombshell!………this is serious, very serious…Houston we have a problem…a BIG problem!

Bella and Grandad Rex… Part One

Hi! Its Rex here for a change! I’ve been up north here for a few lovely days just enjoying the changeable Auckland weather. Four seasons in one day!

It’s so much fun to surprise Naomi! She’s so trusting. Never suspicious. And her reaction is just so wonderful! We’ve had the whole house to ourselves for five whole days with Tony and Valera at work in the city and Bella arrives home from college each day around 4pm. It is a luxury that folks with kids don’t get to enjoy…time, space and PRIVACY!

We can walk around or lie naked on our bed with the French doors open and just caress each other. Yesterday I was just touching Naomi’s breasts, pinching her nipples till they were like rocks and tickling the lips of her vagina until they started to get wet. She was almost asleep…(in fact I’m sure she was, no matter what she says- her breathing changed)….but after a while she started to make a funny little noises which grew into groans and then went into spasms and had the most wonderful orgasm!

I know it’s enjoyable by the amount of noise she makes. Then she spread her legs and murmured for me to put my fingers inside her. I want to come again Rex please…Firstly I get a towel… as quite often she will squirt if I find the right spot. I did. And she did! Ohh God…Rex! Ohh god I’m….coming….OOOh god here I…Ohh god I’m… Ohhh GOD!!!! Its..its….Ohh god....OOOOHHHH!!!! Well, something like that! I just love it when she comes. There’s that fluid which just pours out sometimes. Now and then it’s as if she’s actually peeing. It’s not though. It smells and tastes so different. The towel gets soaked. She’s totally out of control! She tries to talk but it just comes out as staccato, and her eyelids flutter and her hips sort of spasm. Sometimes it can go on for a minute or so. Then she will give a guttural deep groan and flop back. It was like that this time. It’s as if she has given everything to the orgasm. Then there’s that dreamy smile and an expelling of breath and Oh darling, that was SOOO good! You’re so clever.

Then we just snuggled and drifted off to sleep. We woke suddenly as Bella came bounding into the room!

Hi guys! I’m home!!!

I grabbed for the sheet to cover myself! “Oh don’t worry grandad Rex! I’ve seen your cock before. Two days ago! I caught you two doing it?…oops..sorry grandma!!Willy. (Naomi hates the word “cock”)

“What do you mean, you caught us ‘doing’ it Bella?”

I told grandma the other day, when we had our talk. On Tuesday, grandad Rex, I usually have music from after lunch, but the teacher had a headache and said we could leave school early. So I caught the 1.30 ferry and thought I’d surprise you by sneaking up on you. You didn’t hear me, but I crept along your verandah and saw your doors open. I could hear you making funny noises. You were both on the bed doing it completely naked! Like, grandad Rex, you were licking grandma’s pussy.

WHAT!!! You SAW that!!?? OMG!!! I’m shocked. This is her granddaughter speaking!!

I was standing there for ages. You two were really going for it. (Bella starts giggling) Grandma, you were saying Rex! Rex! Don’t stop! Right there! Yes! Yes! And then grandad crawled up and kissed your boobs, didn’t he, and put his cock into your pussy! Then you started squealing and jumping around! I watched it all until you stopped making noises. Grandad Rex, you were grunting and making funny noises too! Then I snuck away to the main house. You two! And you truly never knew I was standing there watching?


(Naomi looked guiltily at me) I just was waiting till the right time to tell you about that bit Rex!

I still covered up anyway! Naomi and I looked at each other! Bella giggled!

Grandad! Don’t worry about it. I’m not a kid now. I think it so lovely you do it. I bet mum and dad don’t, at least not like you do!

Well. That was some revelation! I was both stunned and a little embarrassed. Bella seemed to have taken it all in her stride.

See ya! I’ve got tons of homework. Bye!

And off she went! We both looked at each other and burst onto hysterical embarrassed laughter!!!

See, now you know why I didn’t tell you! It is funny though, isn’t it?!

I’m not sure whether it is, but it’s too late now. And there’s more to come….. this ain’t over yet by a LONG way!!!


Tuesday morning. I had been for a walk before breakfast. Everyone has gone to work and college. Its quiet. What will I do today? I might take the ferry and walk into the city and explore. Then again, I may sit at the computer and write a post! I wish Rex was here.

It’s strange and scary how reliant or dependent I have become on him. He’s such a calming presence. But then again, there’s always something happening when he’s around! Maybe not such a calming influence.

I have to stay here until around 11am anyway. Tony’s expecting a man to come and do something in the house, so I have to be here to let him in.

Coffee on the deck. Great view of the Waitemata Harbour and the city from the house!

Isn’t that a great view from their deck!!!?

I can’t believe I actually got that photo on the post! Success!

Then there’s a knock on the door. Makes sure I’m dressed ok and head across the landing to answer it.

I poke my head around the corner of the door and …..ITS REX!!!!!!

Omg! I don’t ask how or why! I just burst into tears and throw myself at him!!! He’s grinning widely!


He’s such a scoundrel!

“Surprise!” He says! Big grin.

Surprise is right! I was only talking to you about an hour ago! You must have been at the airport! You lovely silly man!

“Well, I was at a cafe in Manukau near the airport! Just needed a long black and a phone call…can I come in?”

I punch him and hug him!

What made you decide to come? I thought you had things to do around home? When did you book your flight? How long can you stay?

Goodness! I have too many questions! He let’s me talk and talk. He sits in “his” chair by the window and I sit on his lap. I am so excited to see him!

Did you read my post?

“The one about Bella?”

Yes! What did you think? Was it a bit silly? Should I have done it? It was too long, wasn’t it?

“Yes, of course. No. Yes. No it was perfect and delightful. You did really well. That was quite a chat you had!Does she really like me?”

She adores you Rex. I have some serious competition! Have you missed me darling?

“Nah! Me? Miss you?….I only came to make sure no young guy had taken off with you!”

He’s really cheeky sometimes! So I punch him.

I love our hullos. When we haven’t seen each other for a few days….

We head off to our room and just enjoy making normal love. Then I doze off on him.

I wake up and he’s not there! It was like a dream. I see him sitting in the garden reading. I just stand and watch him for a while. It’s wonderful to think he is my man. Bliss. I make coffees and wander down to him.


“Hiya to you too”. He reaches over to his bag and pulls out a package… “See if this fits you ok.”

I run back up and open the package…it’s a play suit!!! Its gorgeous. It fits perfectly. I lean over the deck rail and yell out to him…

Rex! I love it! I really love it darling! It fits perfectly too! How did you know what size?

“The lady asked me what size and I said about an 8…. and boobs about like this…(he holds his hand as if he’s cupping my boobs!) was I right?

I hope you didn’t do that!

“Of course I did! They are about that size…arent they?! Come on…let’s go then gorgeous! “

Where? Now? I can’t go…I have to wait for someone….

“Its me silly! I’m the one Tony told you to wait for!”

Really? So he was in on it?!

“And Valeria and Bella!”

“Come on, we’re going to that new cafe for lunch and a vino. I want to show you off!!!”

LOOK WHAT HE BOUGHT ME!! He went shopping all by himself!

I love it! Off out for lunch…

So, that was my day! I’m sitting here now, tapping away on Bella’s laptop. I mustn’t let her ever see what I’ve been writing!

Rex is over in the main house talking to Bella….that’ll be interesting!


Naomi xxx

How should an octogenarian behave?

“It’s funny how they say to me, Jane?

Have you been a good girl,

Have you been a good girl?

And when they have said it, they say it again,

Have you been a good girl?

Have you been a good girl?

I go to a party, I go out to tea,

I go to an aunt who lives by the sea,

I come home from school or from playing a game;

Wherever I come from, it’s always the same:


Have you been a good girl Jane?”

(‘THE GOOD LITTLE GIRL’ from Now we are Six by A.A. Milne )

Hi. It’s Naomi here. I remembered that wee poem from my childhood. I found the book in my son’s attic yesterday. It triggered a thought.

Being good. Appropriate. That was me.

Or inappropriate as the case may be now!

I’m in Auckland with my son Tony and my daughter in law and granddaughter, without Rex who has “stuff” to do at home. I miss him terribly. I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last six months. NOTHING ever happened to me…NOTHING AT ALL…EVER…!!! Well, that’s not quite accurate. One time my pipes in the ceiling burst and flooded the whole lounge and kitchen. Now that was exciting. But that’s been about it really in the last few years.

Then “you know who” burst into my quiet life and gave me a huge shock! Since then it’s been one thing after another! I’ve never had such an eventful time. It’s like every day is such an adventure. Sometimes wonderful, sometimes scary, sometimes painful and sad. But I wouldn’t want to change a minute of it. I wake up every day and just don’t know what will happen today. I just hate to think how I would be if Rex hadn’t come into my life. I feel so different. Alive.

Now? Well, let me tell you things have changed! It’s always exciting. For example…

I sat next to a lovely young lass on the plane. We had a very nice chat. She told me about her boyfriend, so I told her about mine! I don’t think she believed me at first. I showed her photos of us both. Then she realized that I was telling the truth. I don’t like the word ‘boyfriend ‘, it sounds so immature, especially for an octogenarian (my new favourite word). We ended up whispering so no one else could hear us. She was amazed that I have sex regularly. A lot more than she does she tells me! As I said to her “well dear, I’ve got a lot more time than you young ones have. Im too old for quickie! I have all day and night!” She laughed. “I just can’t imagine you doing it! It just doesn’t seem right somehow.”

There’s one of the problems with being old. No one takes you seriously. They all treat you as if you are unable to do anything. “Gosh, dear, you know I still have a vagina and a clitoris! They still do the same job.” She laughed and spat out her mouthful of tea when I said that. We were like a couple of little girls telling dirty secrets!

She’s put her phone number in my phone and told me to give her a text if I have a spare moment while I’m up here. She is such a sweet young thing. It was so nice to have a polite youngster to talk to. I usually sit there and don’t say a thing to anyone. (It’s true Rex! You know I’m normally very shy)

My son Tony asked me on the way home from picking me up from the airport if Rex and I were “still carrying on like a couple of love sick adolescents?” You mean inappropriately Tony? “Well, yes, I suppose that’s a possible word for it!” Do you really want an answer to that inappropriate question?

“Well, probably not” he says chuckling and shaking his head.

Sometimes I suppose I can be a bit inappropriate. The filter has disappeared. I think I tell people stuff they probably don’t want to hear….. so I’m not sure I’m completely appropriate. I’m just happy. I think over the last few months, I’m gradually beginning to be less worried about what others think of me…except for the other night! That nearly destroyed me altogether.

I know my swimming friends are a bit cautious around me now. They have stopped asking me how my relationship with Rex is going. I think they’re scared I’ll tell them something pornographic! (Which I probably would if they would let me!!) Inappropriate!

I have shared with a couple of them a little bit of my new love life. But apart from telling them that we make love very regularly, (and that was shocking enough for them), I haven’t said anything much…maybe I did tell them we sometimes have what the young ones call ‘oral sex’, and if their husbands suffered from lack of a hardness of the willy, they could still enjoy sex that way. (Although we certainly don’t suffer from that problem!) They didn’t know where to look when I suggested it! It was so funny. I think it was a bit naughty of me! Inappropriate again. I used to think that oral sex was when you talked about it! I had no idea you actually used your mouth and tongue like that, and actually ‘did’ it! I was so naive.

They have noticed my new modern clothes. Which is a relief because they have cost Rex a small fortune! I’ve never outlaid significant money on clothes before. Now I’ve bought a pantsuit, evening gown, cocktail dresses (x2), lingerie, jeans, tanktops, bikini, (yes!!!not sure about that yet!), skirts, tights, shoes and more! Every time Rex and I go into the city he talks me into more. He’s quite inappropriate for his age!

We get to go out a lot these days so I can wear them. My friends are so jealous!

We have this code we use when I’m trying clothes on…I come out wearing it and he either says “No” and shakes his head, or “It works for me”, which translated means “It gives me an erection just looking at you in that……..!” Cute isn’t he!? And he actually means it! Because sometimes I go over to him and press against him and feel his hard penis!!! He gets aroused so easily! The other day we were in this flash boutique buying the dress I have in the photo below and he got this big one that stuck straight out from his linen shorts. He wasn’t wearing undies of course. I nearly died with laughter. The shop assistant had no idea what I was laughing at. I had to assure her it wasn’t about her. I don’t think she believed me. Rex hid in among the racks until it died down! He’s quite Inappropriate! I bought the top and the dress! Theyre Inappropriate but gorgeous! Aren’t they? Rex loves themso he had to pay!)


Black and White… I LOVE IT!

And this…

Gorgeous isn’t it? A bit tight fitting around my hips and bum! A short diet should help….. he loves the off the shoulder look on me! I feel a bit over exposed!

I’m always so flattered. What 80 year old woman wouldn’t feel special? Rex is the only man I know (well, I don’t know many I suppose!) who really takes an interest in what I wear, or don’t wear!!! It’s like having a fashion parade every time we go shopping. I never had fun shopping before. However he never let’s me buy what I feel comfortable in! It’s always has to be either bright or revealing or tight fitting. And always, always looks too young on me, no matter what Rex says. As he says “he who pays, says”…so I have to let him! It’s quite inappropriate behaviour for an octogenarian.

So my question is: “is that behaviour appropriate for an elderly couple?” I guess not, judging by the reactions we get at times!

Everyone around us seem to be a little awkward toward us. Maybe we can gradually change people’s attitudes towards oldies!

My doctor is quite amused with me. I had another urinary tract infection and went to see her to get some antibiotics. She checked me out and said that my vagina and vulva were the healthiest she had ever seen in a woman my age! I suppose that’s meant to be a compliment. Not something I would talk about with my swimming friends though! Very inappropriate!

Apart from the dementia which is very slow advancing and some arthritis in my hands, I am in excellent shape. Rex has an appointment with a surgeon in 2 weeks for his osteoarthritis in his knee. Its getting worse. But at our age we are perfectly fine.

Well, that’s enough from me today. We are over on Waiheke Island at their fabulous holiday home! I have the guests wing to myself. Very private. I’m sitting in the sun in the nude! The family are away sailing today. I hate yachts so I’m happy here by myself. Acting inappropriately of course.

I think I’m feeling a bit sexy…maybe I can solve that…hmmm…. I don’t usually like to do it for myself, but sitting in the sun makes me quite ‘randy’ if that’s the right word! 😀😎 I so miss Rex. Wish he was here RIGHT NOW!