Well, I may have had a great Sunday evening but I’ve been paying for it over the last three days. It’s not been all bad, but my back has been a real nuisance, and mobility has been very limited. Sciatic nerve issue. Lower back, buttocks and down the quads.

Two things have saved me. Well, one thing and one person! Codeine and Naomi. (I have meant to say that’s not her real name either!!) Its actually her second name. Stretches seem to ease the discomfort but I may need a visit to the doc unless someone knows of a natural cure?

In the meantime Naomi has been looking after me. After Sunday’s session she came down Monday morning with some scones for morning tea. Said she was worried she might have taken advantage of me!! Dudnt want me feeling trapped and having to feel responsible for her.

I was lost for words in reality. I assured her that was definitely not the case and wondered if I was pushing her into a direction she was uncomfortable with. “I have never felt so good in my whole life! I’m an old lady but you’ve made me feel sexy for the first time ever” Actually she is a very attractive woman age aside!

So here I am laid up at home with this lovely lady cooking me dinner, and telling me to get better by the weekend! Pressure is on!


Much more to sex energy than I would have ever imagined.

Mistress Maria

As I evolve and continue to learn by experience, intuition and reading, my knowledge grows. I can’t believe where my life’s journey is taking me. For most of my adult life,  sex was mainly about penis in vagina penetration. I was ignorant as to how life changing it can be. My experience of orgasm was limited, certainly wasn’t multi orgasmic, my orgasms were terminal. I hit a peak and pleasure lasted for seconds before dissipating. I didn’t orgasm frequently as mostly sex wasn’t about my pleasure, rather it was about the man I was married to (20years), he would use my vagina to have sex, orgasm and ejaculate and then fall to sleep. Occasionally he would decide to pleasure me, never oral, as he thought that was disgusting and that women don’t taste nice. Very occasionally I would pleasure myself but I always felt guilty after and did not get…

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Submissive Husband

When we were much younger, my wife would have many orgasms.  She said “remember the time we both had seven orgasms each”.  No, I don’t think that I ever had that many orgasms in one session.  I do remember many times that I had to help her out of bed, and help her walk to the bathroom, after many, many, orgasms.  The good old days.

Over the years, her orgasms have been reduced to about once a week, but I usually got off three or four times a week.  When we started playing orgasm tease and denial, we agreed it would be about more orgasms for her, and less orgasms for me.  We bought her a Magic Wand and upped her orgasms to around two a week, sometimes more, and reduced mine to about one ruined orgasm per week, sometimes less than that.  It’s been about two weeks for me…

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Isn’t that better than masturbating

That sounds like fun!

Submissive Husband

I often wake up in the middle of the night, because of my oversize prostate, but before I pee, I always masturbate (never to orgasm, of course).  Usually I do not wake up my wife, and if I do, she just tells me to stop.

This morning at 2 am was special.  I’m masturbating and she wakes up and says “do you want me to get on the edge of the bed”.  That means that I am going to get a wonderful tease and deny session.

She lays back with her ass on the edge of the bed and pull her knees up to her chest.  I kneel on the floor between her legs and lick her pussy and tongue fuck her ass…then I stand and rub little willy on her pussy and ass.  It doesn’t take long before I am generating loads of pre cum, dripping down my leg…

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Well, maybe not.

I have a “teacher” who is schooling me in controlling my ejaculations. I use that expression as against orgasms. I experience several of these every session I have. And they go on and on. Waves of pleasure thanks to her tuition. It’s not teasing but creates a sexual tension that is exquisite like you obviously have and enjoy! Love your posts! Hope you enjoy mine. I’m new to it all!

Submissive Husband

Things have slowed down a little bit with our sex life, maybe it’s old age catching up with us.  I still get multiple tease and deny sessions, but not every day, but four or five times a week.  I no longer get a pee treat every morning, but only once or twice a week (maybe it’s better this way).  It’s always good.

About once a week, she will tell me to get the vibrator out, she wants an orgasm, and that’s all she wants is one orgasm a week (I want her to have one every night).  I think that full blown orgasms for me are a thing of the past, my last one was almost six months ago.  Truth is. the horny feeling I have every day, all day, is better than a few seconds of extreme pleasure.

I do have and accident and a ruined orgasm on occasion…

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Wish me luck.

Submissive Husband

It’s been a while since I’ve lasted a month without having an accident and a ruined orgasm, or at least convincing my wife to let me spoil it for her. This month i’m going to make that effort, but I bet in a couple of weeks, my wife will tell me to spoil it for her. She loves for me to do my clean up duty, and the fact that I remain horny for her.  Wish me luck, I think that I will need it.   I will let everyone know how it goes.

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Age is no barrier to adventure

What a weekend it has been. A very satisfying and fruitful time.

My neighbor/friend Naomi and I have had a lovely time, surprising her, I know, and leaving a broad smile on my face. We have explored some places that neither of us imagined we would with different results for both of us but with exciting possibilities both separately and together. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The best journeys are often undertaken with little real idea idea of how the traveler will get to their destination and no plan but a vision of the goal.

So, Naomi and I had a “date” to experiment with a massage, but, it appeared it wasn’t going to happen. I jumped out of bed on Saturday morning early, keen for a bike ride on a beautiful clear, crisp morning and immediately fell to the floor! My back just gave way! It’s a bit of a difficult situation when you are unable to move and you’re on your own. Felt absolutely cast. Even the slightest movement was agonizing. A bit cold with nothing on.

I tried breathing it away, but even that was excruciating. Eventually dragged myself up on to the bed and just lay there. Slowly the spasm or whatever it was subsided and I was able to stagger into the bathroom. Coffee. Shower. Dressed. Lay on bed. Not good. Can’t take anti inflammatory medications as I had a stroke 4 years ago. Codeine is good though!

Hot tub and heat pack. Consulted one of my darling neighbors who is a nurse. Sciatic nerve apparently. Lower back above my tailbone. Aching butt and down both quads. Gradually the pain let up. Gently took the bike off the rack, checked the tyre pressure, got into my lycra and tentatively mounted the machine. Actually wasn’t too bad. Just rode a slow flat 25km today! Needed to get rid of some of my nervous energy. Another soak in the hot tub and a wee snooze. (Well I am 66!) Accompanied a couple of friends to a big art exhibition tonight. Fun surveying the artwork while quaffing Shiraz and scoffing Souvlaki, and another Shiraz. Then home and sleep.

Sunday! Ahhh. A sleep in is always the best start. However one of our not so close neighbors decided to cut down some trees and mulch the branches. Beginning at 7am. Lovely! Pillow over the head? No-still reverberates through the double glazing into my slightly hungover head. So I brew my long black. Sit with the winter sun pouring through the windows.

Wondering if Naomi is still on for tonight…. spend some of the day painting. Trying to complete a long stalled work. Yes, making some real progress at last. I think the sexual energy that the last few months has been converted into creative juices.

My phone buzzes….its Naomi! Is it on or off? I find myself remarkably anxious. I haven’t realise how excited I am about this evening. It’s on! She is looking forward to it! I’m finding that somewhat arousing. I begin to nervously prepare. I put some relaxing music on and lie quietly trying to clear my mind and spend a while just concentrating on my breathing. I’m finding that difficult but gradually the head clears. I dress in some warm clothes (I like to paint in the nude…in fact when I’m alone I usually stay naked. I find clothes very constricting) and head out for an afternoon walk in the fresh air. I have a beautiful nature reserve close by so I head there and enjoy the trees and nature. No humans today!

It’s dusk as I head home. I shower and put some nice clothing on. Thankfully my back seems to have settled. I load up a bag with the massage oils and towels, music CDs, some candles and head down in the dark to Naomi’s, bottle of Pinot Noir in hand! Best not to give the other neighbors any reason to gossip! She’s expecting me of course and ushers me in quickly. I can sense she’s nervous and excited at the same time.

She has set her lounge up with candles and music already and the gas fire and heat pump is on. Lovely and warm.

Dinner’s almost ready. My favorite roast lamb! Naomi has dressed up. She looks stunning and I tell her so. Don’t recall her wearing a really fashionable frock before. She blushes but I know that secretly she’s thrilled to hear that. It’s new she confesses. We sit opposite at her little table and eat. The conversation starts out a little stilted, but we gradually relax and share our day’s events, laughing about my mishap yesterday. I assure her I’m feeling recovered. Wow, she’s a good cook! As usual when someone else cooks I eat too much! But when you’re doing the man cook thing, a really good meal is a luxury.

She’s now straight to the point. What have you got planned? Well, I’ve decided we will use the floor rather than the table. I’ve got a mattress she says and we can use the sheepskin rug. You know I’m a bit nervous. We talk about consent and permission. I reach across and hold her hands. That helps to connect and relax us both.

Dessert follows and another wine. Then she clears the dinner stuff away.

I suggest we both slip into more comfortable clothing. I’ve got a pair of yoga pants and a singlet, which I slip into while she scoots away to change. I suggest that underwear and a robe is all she’ll need tonight. I lay out several towels and get the oil ready warming.

While she’s changing I turn off most of the lights and light the candles and turn on some quiet pan flute music. My heart is going flat out. Feels like a first date! Here she is. She may be around 80, but she seriously looks a lot younger. Quite radiant actually. I go over and take her hand and lead her to the mattress. We kneel together, facing each other and hold hands just looking into the other’s eyes. It’s a lovely peaceful way of beginning. Just hope my back holds up!

I suggest we just sit here for a few minutes, maybe close our eyes and enjoy the touch. Eventually I open my eyes and see that she has tears streaming down her cheeks! She assures me she’s actually fine and she’s feeling very relaxed. I get up and come in behind her and just wrap my arms around her. She responds with a big shiver and a sigh. I just wait. We’re in no rush. In fact we end up in this position for a while. Then Naomi whispers I’ve never been held like this before in my whole life. Neither parents or husband. Never. I have tears now too and I just stroke her arms gently.

What would you like to do now? Can we just hug some more then maybe I can have a massage? Sounds wonderful! You don’t mind? Mind? Why should I mind? Sounds perfect.

I think we must have stayed there for about half an hour, just shifting a little to keep comfortable until she finally swivelled and kissed me on the cheek. I’m ready for that massage now she says with a huge smile. Thank you so much. I feel so cared for.

I averted my eyes as Naomi removed her robe and lay face down. She unclasped her bra and slipped it away. I think you’re ready my girl! Certainly am. I found myself with a rock hard erection. Not terribly professional. Luckily I am still clothed. I want you to tell me what you like and don’t like- ok? Yes sir! Giggle.

Gently just work her shoulder and neck and on to her back. That feels so good! More on my back please. What about my legs? And I like my feet and toes rubbed. …shit! This woman knows what she wants! If I take my knickers off, will you massage my bum?…is that ok? Yes ma’am it’s just fine. She’s enjoying the touch as much as the actual messaging (which to be honest is pretty amateurish to say the least!!) But, hey, it’s free! lol.

I’m a bit hesitant to spend too long on her wee bum, but then she asks me to give her more there please and opens her legs just a little. I pour more oil into the cleft and gently slip my fingers sideways down. She lets out a quiet moan. I repeat that a few times just brushing her anus but no more.

Then I just give her a gentle all over final rub and cover her with a towel. She lies there for a while and I hear the sobbing again. This time I leave her just laying one hand on her head. She quietens eventually.

I sense that’s enough for tonight.

I lay beside her and just let her come back. She looks serene. I’m so thrilled. We say nothing. I let her turn over. She lets the towel slip down and moves into a hug. Minutes pass. The up she gets and slips into her robe. Can we talk about this please? Of course we can I say.

Can’t recall exactly what she talked about. Except that she loved everything that had taken place. I feel very safe. “Nurtured” was her word. Was there anything we did that made her feel at all uncomfortable? Definitely not. Did she like the intimate touch? Yes. What about the tears? Just an emotional release. Happy. Is that how M massages you? Initially. She goes a lot further. Really? Yes I turn over as well. So she massages your willy too??! Yep. Hmmm. I see. Does that shock you? Yes and no. Just being in the naked face down was a first for me!! Did you enjoy it? It was ….exciting and rude all at once. Well Naomi I think you have a beautiful body. Lovely soft skin. Huge blush.

I would really like to do it again Chris. Really. I just loved being touched by a man who cares. I know I’m an old lady yo you, but you make me feel special.

What could I say to that?

Naomi you are special and you make me feel very honoured and special.

That was our Sunday night!

She’s booked me for next weekend!