Wet Dreams…??

Naomi is back on the Island with the family. She is very tired, so while she is frustrated as anything…no swimming, no running, not even much “you know what”, she’s been very tired and sleeps a lot, she’s so grateful to be out of hospital and back in her own bed.

It was quite funny the other night, I woke around 1am and I could hear her whispering quietly……

“Rex…….. Rex…….look at this….isn’t it odd darling?”…..

“What Naomi? What’s odd sweetie?”

“That thing… it’s just changing colour….” (or something like that)

I realised at that point that she was sound asleep!

She kept talking for a while and giggling to herself, and I just kept sort of answering.

Naomi has to be one of the most athletic sleepers I know. She’s always moving around in bed. Sometimes she almost climbs over me or tries to at least. One minute she’s cuddled up to me, then turns over and pushes her bum against me, or her arm will be draped over me or the covers are pulled off me! It’s always an energetic night!

So I thought I would be a little naughty and I reached over and started to stroke her breasts and run my fingers down her stomach (which incidently she just loves) She shivered with pleasure, but didn’t wake up…. so I carried on down to her belly button. She has an “innie”, and I often play with it, and she laughs as she is very ticklish there.

Anyway, I got a bit interested then and continued down to her “not so privates” and she gave me a helluva fright.

“Oooooooo, I LIKE that!!!”

I was sure I had woken her up!….But, no…. she was still sound asleep!

This is fun… so….I probe a little further.

She smiles …eyes still closed…

“Hmmm…that’s nice darling!”

She must be awake!….she’s kidding me…surely!?

But no…..she even snorts/snores a little…!

I’m enjoying this. I wonder what it will take to wake her…


I slide one finger down in between her thighs…oh I love those thighs!


She turns over away from me…that’s going make it awkward. Luckily her right leg is pulled right up. I slide my right hand up and tickle her back from her neck down to the crack of her bum. She has very smooth almost blemish free skin. She shivers again and gives me a fright. I jump a bit. I’m almost laughing out loud.

Naomi murmurs something unintelligible and shifts a little and her legs open just a fraction under the pressure of my hand. I take the chance and slide my fingers in a little more.

Now I shouldn’t say this and she’ll kill me for it, but she gives a wee “parp” (a fart) and sighs! I’m just glad my fingers weren’t roaming around that opening at that point!

I freeze.

“REX!!!!!! Take that bit out! That’s private!!”

I wait for a minute or so…

Then I slowly work my fingers up until I can feel her vulva lips and I just gently stroke them. Just brushing the edges…. Maybe ten minutes or more pass and I can feel her getting just a little wet. I quietly push two of my fingers in and up until I feel her clitoris. Now usually she likes me to be quite vigorous when I’m working on it, but at this time of the morning I’m just enjoying gently stroking it up and down and the sideways flick, flick, flick!

I manage to turn her on to her back again…. she’s still sound asleep… she must be, her breathing is that slow and deep….

She almost knocks me out with her right arm as it flails out suddenly, hitting me on my nose. “Shit!”

She laughs again and turns towards me… now I can get both hands on the job! One massages her breasts, gently circling her nipples, while the other now has full access to her yoni! I just ease her thighs apart very slowly….and still she sleeps on…

Then she begins to get really wet. She was told by her doctor that she will be dry and need to use a lubricant to make it easy on her vaginal opening, but usually she’s like this and gets wet relatively easily, as long as we take our time. It suits me fine, as I love to just touch her and she certainly enjoys it! I probe further in and up and I can feel that wall inside… the suddenly she gives a yelp! I get a fright!

Oooooohhhh!!! John… John!!”

JOHN????? Who the hell is JOHN!!!????


I’m stunned! Who is this “John???”

Then… she starts laughing!!!

“Rex! The bloody idiot! I hope that gave you a fright!!? I just made the name up to teach you a lesson! Did you really think I could sleep through all of that? You nut case! That’ll teach you! About time I got one back on you! Honestly, the look on your face!

Well… don’t stop I’m almost there…”

“God! You really had me fooled Naomi!… when did you wake up?”

“When you tried to turn me over… I thought I was having a dream… it was so lovely, then I thought ‘hang on, he’s taking advantage of me… I’ll play along here for a while’ and then I thought, I’ll give him a fright and teach him a lesson’, you were laughing about it so much! It was hard trying to pretend I was snoring and breathing so slowly… I did a good job though- didn’t I? Don’t stop that though Rex, it feels so…….Oooooooohhhh here I come… and I’m… a… wake…tooo!!!”

I just love watching her orgasm! Her eyes grow huge and she twitches and jerks around. Usually I’m too close and I have to try to keep going slowly as long as I can stay inside, but when I’m just caressing her I can control my fingers and she’ll squirt and cover my hand with her juices. She still gets embarrassed but I think it’s amazing.

Then she just collapses and sighs!

“That was fun Rex, wasn’t it! It was a lovely way to be woken up darling! Now can I go back to sleep again?”

One Year anniversary…and still going as strong! …Part Two…

I have not been well lately, and have spent a few nights in hospital in Auckland… No! Not Covid whatever it is thankfully, although I might as well have had it, I was just as isolated.

No. My heart hasn’t been too good. Racing and then going slow, and shortness of breath when I go for a run.. And for once, sadly, it isn’t Rex who has made it race.

I had almost given up trying to make an appointment with the doctor. She’s bloody stubborn when she wants to be.

They all got themselves into a blind panic when I came home the other day and was just standing in the kitchen having a glass of water when I felt a pain up my arm and then just collapsed on the carpet. (Rex was the worst, bless him) The next thing I was being bundled on to one of Tony’s friends’ motor launch and rushed to the mainland, into an ambulance and off to Emergency! All the time protesting that I wasn’t dying, I was just a bit puffed and had fainted!

Rex came with me all the way, but to be honest, he was hopeless! He was crying practically the whole way! The paramedic who was in the back with me asked me if he was usually like that!

I told her it was usually me! She laughed and told me I better be alright otherwise he just wouldn’t survive!

Thankfully he is in my “bubble” and of course I nominated him as my support person. Otherwise everyone else is excluded, with this horrid lockdown. My granddaughter Bella has found it particularly difficult with the lockdown for a start, and then with Rex and I away she has been a bit down and grumpy! Apart from schoolwork on line, she has had no friends to meet, and she misses our early morning cuddles. We usually cuddle up and watch a movie…the three of us.

Anyway, the first night, after lots of tests and ECGs I was put into a private room. Rex sat and slept next to me holding my hand all night. He said he never slept a wink but he snores so loud sitting up, so I knew he had. The nurses came in constantly to check on me and take readings. They heard him. His mouth wide open of course! They laughed at him and said that they felt sorry for me! I assured them that he made up for his snoring in many other ways!

During the day he would lie up next to me and we would cuddle until the nurses told him to separate!

Naomi wanted me to buy her a nice nightie… (AND NOT A SEE THRU ONE, A DECENT ONE!) Awww. That would be fun!

I had to keep wearing those funny hospital gowns with the back open! Gorgeous!

The second day I was moved into a ward with two other patients. Rex wasn’t allowed to stay all night. The nurses said it was his snoring!

On the third day we were cuddling and Naomi whispered to me “Darling I need an orgasm…I really do honey…honestly, I’m not joking, and you know I don’t like to do it myself… I’d much rather have your digital finger machine than that plastic one”

He gave me a look of astonishment and burst out laughing!

“What, here? In the ward?” I didn’t believe her.

Yes! I’m serious Rex….The others are all out to it or have a curtain around them? They’re all oldies anyway!” (I forget that we’re in that age bracket!) ” You can slip your left hand in under the covers and do it…easy…see…?”

Naomi grabbed my left hand and slipped it under and between her legs before I could protest!

She just lay back and closed her eyes. I can’t say it was that easy. Trying to stroke her vulva without disturbing the sheet was difficult! She pulls her dressing gown down over her waist.

“Ooooo, that feels so good sweetie…”

I guess it was lovely really. I could feel her getting wet and her clitoris swells noticeably.

“Mrs Laws! Naomi! What are you doing? You’re supposed to be very sick! Your blood pressure will go up!” One of the nurses looks up and smiles and wags her finger. She wanders over and checks the machine which is making music… beep… beep… beep…… it seems fine… about 80. So I keep going, just very quietly stroking her clitoris, hoping the blanket isn’t moving… she’s getting wet…

“Don’t stop Rex, I’m getting close darling… Naomi whispers.

“I’m going to have to stop sweetheart…you’re getting too excited! “

“No! Don’t stop darling, I’m almost there!…Please, keep going….Oooooh….here I come!!! Oh God, Oh God…Oh……….”

I whipped my hand out from under the covers and clamped it across her mouth!

The one problem Naomi has is her inability to orgasm quietly! So she starts to squeal, then realises she can be heard! So she starts laughing, which doesn’t help at all.


Naomi giggles then falls back on her pillows “Ahhhhhh, that was so good. I really needed that!”

“Oh thank you sweetheart! Thank you! That was so good. It’s been a while darling.”

(What? …Two whole days???!!!)

Next thing there’s a nurse rushing up beside me and looking at the monitors.

“What’s going on here you two?! You’re getting her excited!

The nurse runs over and checks the monitors and looks at Naomi.

“Are you ok Mrs Laws?”

Naomi. Yes dear. I’m just fine. Just had a wee moment there. I’m quite comfortable now thank you!”

The nurse tells me…“I think you need to get off the bed now please…”

I slide out off the bed and sit in the chair.

That was close! Naomi smiles and holds my hand.

The nurse quickly feels her pulse and takes her blood pressure, then giggles. “You mustn’t do that to our patient! She’s not well! Anyway, it’s time for your medication Mrs Laws.!”

Naomi’s not used to pills! At 81 she hasn’t ever had to take any!!! She looks at me frowning…

“I HATE pills Rex!”

“Do as you are told young lady!” The nurse tells her.

She pouts! I’d never seen her pout before!

We cuddle and talk about our future plans. Buying our motorhome and hitting the road. We hope….

Life turns on a pinhead.

I brush her hair. She falls asleep as I’m doing it. Tears from me.

A nurse comes and sits and talks to me.

“So you’re her husband?”

“No, she didn’t want another one… just her partner”.

“Well, you must be very special! The way she talks about you. She’s very fit for her age. But there’s something with the heart that’s not quite right. Can you stay for an hour? The cardiologist wants to talk to her…and you too I guess… It is quite serious you realise? I think she’s in denial though. Shes lovely, isn’t she? I can’t quite believe she’s 81! She’s been keeping us all amused with some of your antics! You two are having an exciting time of it! Honestly, it’s been very ‘educational’!

“Oh I’m sure it has…not TOO informative I hope?”

“Well, let’s just say she had us in fits, recounting some of your adventures. I’m impressed by you both, and we could learn thing or two from you and this lady….I assume she’s a lady… certainly a full on woman! Incredible at her age! Hope I’m as lively and sexy as her when I’m 40…let alone 80!”

And then she patted my knee, gave me a lovely smile and a wink, and went on her merry way!

I sit there, stroking her hand. The one with no lines coming out or going in. She’s very drowsy, and smiles in her sleep, and even sings a little song I think: sleep singing! I reckon she has lovely dreams usually, and often smiles and giggles… wish I knew what she’s dreaming, but she never remembers in the morning. Haha, I do remember one time I’m sure she had an orgasm in her sleep… she was very noisy and moving around in the bed… then eventually just sighed and turned over and carried on sleeping!

About 2 hours later a group of very earnest young white coated men and women swoop into the ward. They are led by a very debonair man in a three piece suit and an elegant woman who are obviously in charge. Naomi is awake by this stage, and we are waiting for them.

He goes to the end of the bed and picks up the chart. He talks to his assembled disciples who hang on every word. It’s as if Naomi isn’t even in the room.

Then he spins around and looks at me “And who are you?”

“I’m Rex M……….. I’m Mrs Laws partner.”

“So you’re not a relation?”

“No, I’m not”

“Then why are you here?”

I decide to play the game…”I….am…..Mrs……Laws…..p..a…r…t…n…e…r. That’s why I’m here… we live together.”

“Hummmmmpf.” (Well that didn’t go down well)

He then totally ignores me and turns and addresses Naomi. They’re an arrogant and ignorant lot these gods of the medical professions sometimes!

“Mrs Laws. I understand you had a episode yesterday? You collapsed on the ground. How are you feeling now?”

“Yes, I’m feeling just fine, thank you”

“Hmmmm…. I see you also have initial stages of dementia.”

“Yes. I think so, I honestly can’t remember” Naomi laughs at her joke… he just stares at a couple of the trainee disciples who laugh too and then fall silent under his withering stare.

“It appears you have a mayor problem with your heart. The ECG and CT scan seem to confirm this. The ECGs shows Ventricular Fibrillation and Bradycardia. In other words, you have had a type of cardiac arrest… commonly called a heart attack.”


He takes out his stethoscope and puts it on her chest, and listens, then beckons a couple of the young ones to come forward and listen. They start talking in medical terms that I have no idea what they mean…they spend a minute or so examining some charts.

Naomi asks something like this… “What is Vertical Fibulate? And a Barcardi…? I thought that was a drink!”

“Mrs Laws, It is an abnormal heart rate, where the electrical current doesn’t keep things working properly (or something like that). And you definitely have had a heart attack Mrs Laws. However apart from that you appear to be in excellent general health. Extremely good health at your age. We are going to do a number of tests to see why and where the blockages may be. You’ll be in here for a number of days.”

“How many days, doctor?”

“MISTER. Thank you, not doctor! I’m not sure, maybe a week or so.”

“Oh, I was hoping to see a doctor! Could I die from it Mr. Whatever?”

Oh dear, she’s enjoying winding him up!

“Mrs Laws, I hope not. But unless we sort it there is a probability it could cause another episode”

“Will I still be able to have sex? I mean, it won’t do any damage to my heart, will it? I don’t like to have to go without for too long you know!

Now I wish sometimes there was a trapdoor I could just pull the lever and disappear! NAOMI!

But Mr XXXXX was amazing! Suddenly he dissolved into laughter and slapped his knee.

“Mrs Laws, that will be the least of your problems, trust me!”

“That’s easy for you to stand there and say. I may not have long left on this earth, and we want to make the most of our time Rex, don’t we darling?”

The group just burst into laughter! Naomi looks at me as if to say “what’s so funny??”

She is so open and innocent that it blows me away sometimes!

“Are you doubting that at our age we can have a robust sex life doctor?”

“Mr! Mr! … not doctor! Absolutely not Mrs Laws! I’ve just never met an 80 year old woman so alive! I actually think you’re amazing, and I hope we can get you back to normal, which isn’t that ‘normal’ at your age!”

He then turns to me with a grin…“You have your hands full with this woman! Good luck!”

He shakes Naomi’s hand and turns and struts off to the next ‘victim’ oops patient, chuckling and shaking his head…“well I never…”

I reach over and give her an enormous hug!

“You’re amazing!”

“Hop up next to me darling. I need a hug.”

She moves over and I ease myself on to the bed… not much room…

Naomi lifts the blanket and puts it over me and we lie there with her on my shoulder. One of the nurses comes over.

“Be careful there Mr. Mxxxx. Don’t fall off!

Naomi smiles at her. “I’ll keep a close hold of him!”

Dinner comes and goes. Pills come and go. The ward is closing down for the night. Lights are low. It’s quiet now….. we talk in whispers.

I wait until about 10 o’clock and Naomi is given a sleeping tablet. She drifts off, so reluctantly I get up and wander away.

One of the nurses who has been on duty walks with me to the lifts. She takes my hand. “Rex, she will be fine, honestly. She is amazing, and so young looking and acting! We love having her here! However… no more of that “under the blanket” stuff! This is a hospital ward, not your bedroom!… (Her hand goes up to stop me saying anything) No! Don’t say anything. We overheard her! She’s bloody amazing. That is the first time I have ever witnessed a woman having an orgasm in a hospital bed! And she’s eighty bloody one!!! We were just splitting our sides in the office while you were doing it! The charge nurse wanted to come out and stop you. We all said leave them alone! They’re having a great time! It was so obvious!… But please! Not again! I’d hate to have to ban you for that reason! Personally, I think you’re both gorgeous! Shit, I wish my parents had ten percent of your get up and go! She’ll be fine. Just relax!

With that she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and left!

I rang Valeria, who was still at work waiting for me, and we drove to the Ferry in almost silence. She squeezed my hand.

She’ll be fine Rex. She’s got plenty to live for!”

“I hope so, Valeria, I hope so!”

One year anniversary, and still going strong…Part One…

Yes! Rex and Naomi have been a couple for a YEAR!!!

It has been the most wonderful year of my life! (And mine!)

Filled with excitement, fun, romance, anxiety, tears of joy and sadness, embarrassment, laughter and intimacy beyond belief. (me too!)

I can still remember the night I had my first intimate experience with Rex. Vividly. I was sooo nervous. I think I was nervous for quite a while every time, it seemed like everything was so new and scary. I remember thinking “OMG what can happen next? I’m an 80 year old woman, this cant be happening to me! I’m confused. First I’m exposing myself in my underwear. Then I’m nude and he’s massaging my bare back. Then he’s looking at my boobs, then my privates! Next time he’s touching and kissing me! Then I’m touching his penis! I’d never seen an erect penis before in 80 years! Then I’m kissing it. It was like an out of control rollercoaster.

The first time we actually had sex was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. To feel Rex inside me, and the my first orgasm! I was petrified at my reaction…I felt completely out of control…. I just wanted more. It was like feeling cheated for my whole life of this incredible sensation and overwhelming feeling of joy…so it was as if we fell into a spiral of almost uncontrollable passion. Every time we laid eyes on each other, or were alone, I just wanted to kiss Rex, to touch him, undress him and for him to make love with me. He too, struggled to keep his hands off me. (That I did!…and still do!!)

But would it last?

A comment was made to Rex that it was lovely that we were in the first flush of romance. The lust was very strong. The thought was that over time the novelty would wear off…

It had me quite worried. How would I hold on to this amazing woman? Could I keep up with her?

Every time you had a panic attack I would freak out and try to keep calm. I came to need you close to me. It was painful to see you upset.

I can report that although my memory isn’t so good these days (actually, my short term memory is bloody awful!), I honestly can’t remember one day that we have not wanted to make love one way or another! Sometimes it almost hurts to see him and just want him so much…even remotely sometimes if he is away! Texting is okay when he is away, but I miss the cuddles and falling asleep in his arms afterwards.

It has been ages since we posted anything.

However, were lying in bed the other morning and having breakfast (bacon, eggs, hash browns and tomatoes cooked by my own naked chef- he is the best breakfast cook!!), and I looked at him and said

“Darling, I want you to make love to me.”

“What, right now? On a full stomach!?”

“Yes! I need you inside me Rex! Right now!!!!”

It was just a quickie…with a quick squirt with the lubrication to make it easier. We have discovered quickies! We have found they are so nice when you just have that urge to be close, but don’t necessarily have the energy or the time to prepare for an hour or more of lovemaking, and I don’t always have to orgasm, and Rex doesn’t always have the energy if we have had a really busy day out walking or gardening, although I still do! (Yes, she does!!)

Just before I had my so-called emergency (-I’ll tell you about it in the next post!, I’m still in denial), we were taking a drive over the other side of the island (just before the lockdown), and we stopped to look out at the harbour. It was a wild and wet day, and I said to Rex “Let’s swap places!”


“I’m in charge, it’s a surprise. Just wait and see!”

I got out and came around and he slid over into the passenger’s seat. I reached over and stroked his pants. He looked at me quizzically… I kept going and then unbuckled his belt and he just popped out as straight as ever! What a surprise! He’s just so easy to arouse!

It was a cold wet day, so I was wearing tights, and they took a bit of effort to slide them down off my legs I can tell you with a steering wheel in front of me. Then I simply slid over pushed his seat back and, using my arms out straight I hoisted myself over on top of him and opened my legs and squatted on top of him! It was a little difficult fitting him in! I have to say that it wasn’t the most romantic position to make love in, but, oooh it felt so good! And it was so lovely being able to kiss him from there. I’m just the right height! He was trapped and I just rose and came down so slowly I knew he would enjoy it like that.

I was enjoying it too!

Just as he was about to come he got cramp in one of his legs!

“Naomi…I’m coming…no…no…I’ve got cramp arrrg….shit! I need to straighten my leg!….”

Talk about funny for me and painful for him! He tried to straighten his leg and pushed me up so my head hit the lining of the car’s roof! I couldn’t move and get off him. We were both laughing so hard. Eventually I managed to roll to one side but then my tights got caught on the gear lever and I got trapped under the steering wheel! Because the car was turned off the seat wouldn’t move back either. Finally Rex was able to open the passenger’s door and fall out…on the loose shingle…bum down! Ouch!

Poor darling got a painful graze! Cute bum though! This was taken a couple of days later…

When we got home, my daughter in law asked Rex how his clothes got so dirty and his pants had a rip in the backside…

That’s about the most adventurous we have been for a while, and now I know why!

How are things now? Well, romantically wonderfully…healthwise…not so good.

But that will have to wait until next time….



The School Reunion

I was looking through some photos on my laptop just after New Year, and Rex suggested that I write a short post reflecting on the school reunion.

So here I go.

I attended my local primary school from 1944 through to 1951. They were generally very happy days. I remember not having proper school clothes, but mum would be given second hand clothes from our neighbour Mrs Lye. The Lyes dad had a business and they had a car! All their kids had a bedroom to themselves too! So they were very rich. Peter Lye was my first ever “boyfriend” when I was about 7. It didn’t last very long because he really didn’t like girls and got teased for talking to me, so he then ditched me for rugby games! I was upset for about an hour I think!

We walked to school from the beginning in rain or shine. No cars to drive us to the door! Lunch was usually 2 pieces of bread and butter and an apple if dad had been paid for a big job.

My best friends were Janice and Beth. We were inseparable until high school. They went to a Catholic High School. It cost money and mum and dad were heathens, so that was never an option. I remember dad swearing about nuns one day, so I thought they must be bad, because he hardly ever swore!

I was quite excited that one of my other friends had heard about the school reunion and encouraged me to sign up. I hadn’t received anything in the mail, but I guess they had lost track of so many, especially girls who had married and changed their names.

There’s me in the front row. Beth is 3rd from right front row, and Janice is next to me on my left.

I was in the 1940’s group! It seemed so long ago now, but, I had no idea who would be there! As long as Gary May wasn’t there I would be fine. He used to bully me and tease me about my old clothes and because I was so small. I do remember running home in tears a few times. I guess that wasn’t uncommon in those days. Nowadays the kids get counseling!

Of course I decided to dress conservatively for the days, but Rex talked me into wearing some bright clothes! I had always been self-concious about my size and my tiny little legs, so I had hidden myself at the back most of the time, in class and events, hoping and praying I wouldn’t be seen or chosen to answer any questions!

We had an evening “soiree” on the Friday night. It was actually hilarious! There were still seven people from my class alive who attended with their spouses or partners. Most had passed away in the years between.

I was so thrilled to see Beth there! She recognized me immediately! I never realized it was her. She had been such a beautiful dark haired girl, tall and willowy. Now, she seemed so…old(?), and stooped.

“Naomi! You’ve hardly changed at all!” What could I say? She had! Smoking and a tough life had aged her. But she was still the same person underneath. Time never changes a person’s character or personality, does it? She had always been so gentle and caring, and still was! Her second husband had died a couple of years before, after a long illness.

There was an old man who was wheeled in in a wheelchair. He, like Rex, had had a stroke, but a more severe one. I had no idea who he was until I went over and spoke to him. Gary May! My nemesis! (You know, I almost took him in his wheelchair and gave him a terrifying ride for old time’s sake!)

No, I didn’t, but I confess I did think about it just for a second!

It was very sad. he didn’t remember me very well, except that I had been a wee thing with blond hair, and now it was silver grey! He slurred and dribbled. His wife did most of the talking, and she had had a tough time with him. She was his third wife! Life is sad sometimes.

Here we are are 73 years later!!! Can you pick me out? Beth is on my right & Gary is second from right second row…

It was sort of fun catching up with everyone I knew. Not that there were that many left!

They all looked so “old”… and when Rex came for the dinner, well, that certainly caused a scandal! They all said I was a “cradle snatcher”I loved that! He started talking to another old classmate of mine. Telling her what we get up to! She didn’t believe him at first. He was the life of the party! He revels in these situations, and they all enjoy his humour and the fact that he is genuinely interested in what other people have to say. Especially when he starts talking about us! (Not the really naughty things though!!)

“Not Naomi! Surely? She was such a quiet wee thing!”

Then an old man on the other side of Rex piped up!

“You’ve got to be joking! Quiet yes, but not quiet either! Naomi, remember when a few of us used to meet behind the toilets?”

I guess I must have looked a bit puzzled because…

“You must remember? I sure do!”

Hmmmm…my memory must be worse than I thought because I have no idea……

“You started my sex education Naomi!”

“Who……me?” He’s got me now. I’m wondering and worrying about what’s coming next!

“Yes you! You may have looked like an innocent wee thing, but you certainly weren’t!”

“I wasn’t?” Gulp! This doesn’t sound like I want to hear any more. We’re all getting a bit tiddly and giggly on the alcohol…

“Remember Bill? He was your boyfriend in Standard 5. (year 7) We all used to go behind the toilets at break time and touch each other…you and Beth and me and Bill. You two would pull our pants down and play with our willys until they were stiff! Then you and Beth would sit on the branch and pull your knickers down and let us feel you up! Remember?”

“No! Are you sure it was me?”

“Absolutely! I could prove it! I remember you had a mole right by your privates! You do, don’t you?”

OMG! He’s right! I do! Rex loves to kiss it!!!

That was a long time ago,eh Naomi!? It was fun though! You pulled me so much one day I squirted for the first time! I got such a fright and you did too! I thought I might have made you pregnant! You were the best looking girl in our class! And, shit, you are definitely the best looking one these days! Rex, what’s she like now?”

Rex is lost for words! He just raises his eyebrows and smiles!

I had totally forgotten about those days! OMG! No wonder I am so interested in sex now! Maybe it has always been there… ? Rex laughs so I punch him on the arm (of course!)

It seems so long ago, and I look around at all those elderly people of my era, and they all seem so…old! Some on walking sticks, some on walking frames. Most are stooped. One of my classmates is dying from emphysema and has an oxygen bottle attached to her wheelchair. It is fun though, recalling the old teachers and their antics.

Beth and I sit aside near the end and have a drink together. She can remember the “naughty” episodes! “I had small breasts back then Naomi. You were as flat as a surfboard! You were so jealous of me, and when we were 12, I had hair around my vagina, and you didn’t. It drove you mad.”

“I don’t have any now Beth either!


“Not one hair! I have Brazilian waxes!”

“Shit! Really?!”

“Yep, really! once every five or six weeks.

Beth is amazed.

“God, you’re a bloody scandal Naomi! What does Rex think? Has he seen your vagina?”

“Seen it? He looks at it and licks it every chance he gets! To tell you the truth sweetie, he prefers to lick me without any hair!”

Beth spits her wine out in shock! I slap her on the back as she begins to choke! We both burst into hysterics! It’s just like we were when we were kids!

“God, you two are bloody amazing! At your age! I shut up shop years ago. Fred didn’t care, and I had no real interest. How come you are so active?”

“I just opened up for business last year! Les and I had no sex at all, so I gave up trying. Then Rex came along and it just sort of happened. I suppose he just ignited me. No man had ever talked to me and touched me like he did, and does! I feel sexy and beautiful, even at my age Beth! can you imagine that?!!”

“I wish I could! I really do! After I had the kids, that was it. Then he died. I married Fred, and all he was interested in was playing pool at the club, and drinking beer. Not sure why he married me. He had a go at me once or twice, but I told him if he tried it again, I’d go to the cops, and he stopped after that!”

We hugged and had a wee cry together. And that was really it. We’re going to keep in touch, and she’ll come up to Waiheke later this year. (maybe now with the virus thing who knows!)

We had photos taken, and had a lovely dinner and speeches the next night. I decided to wear my new dress, and all the old men loved it! lol

It was a bit daring even for me! I nearly popped out when I bent over the table!

It was a fun but a sad weekend at the same time. We are all getting so old!

I hope everyone is keeping safe from now on and obeying the rules! We are in lock-down in New Zealand!



My poor darling!

Two posts in one day!

Finally! Rex is going to get his knee operated on and have a knee replacement. The health system here is excellent. He took a photo of the xray to show me, so i have decided to post it!

It is a grade 4 injury- the most severe. You nurses will understand that, but now I see the photo I see why he is always in pain when he tries to walk! Luckily he can do the most important thing lol.

The bones in the joint are continually rubbing together, and it pops when he straightens it. The poor darling! He has an appointment with the anesthetist in 2 weeks and should go in immediately after that we hope.

Here is the medical info I downloaded from the interweb.


There are four grades, ranging from grade 1 to 4, that designate the severity of runner’s knee. Grade 1 is least severe, while grade 4 indicates the greatest severity.

  • Grade 1 severity indicates softening of the cartilage in the knee area.
  • Grade 2 indicates a softening of the cartilage along with abnormal surface characteristics. This usually marks the beginning of tissue erosion.
  • Grade 3 shows thinning of cartilage with active deterioration of the tissue.
  • Grade 4, the most severe grade, indicates exposure of the bone with a significant portion of cartilage deteriorated. Bone exposure means bone-to-bone rubbing is likely occurring in the knee.
See where its rubbing?

So the lesson is don’t run! Rex was a runner for 20 years and is now only a cyclist… (and my sex partner!)

Anyway, we are going for a swim now. It is still so lovely up here, and the water is still quite warm. I will walk slowly with him. No hanky-panky in the sea though I think!

Rex: Who says!!????

Well, maybe just a little sweetheart… go away this is MY post!

Don’t know of you have noticed, but there’s very few people about now! So we may be able to be just a little naughty! 🙂




I did the test!

I must have been getting Covid 19 bored! Not sure what all these categories mean though! Am I normal? Please tell me I’m not!!! 🙂 You may like to enlighten me on some of these just for fun!

Rex: No, you’re definitely NOT NORMAL!

I hope you are all keeping your spirits up in the midst of this crazy time.

Love Marina

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
99% Vanilla (Rex says I’m more a dark chocolate mint flavour!)
98% Switch (I have no idea what that means…)
97% Exhibitionist (I think I may have become one a little bit as my confidence has grown)
95% Voyeur (Oooo I love to watch, so that’s probably correct!)
88% Rope bunny (?)
79% Submissive (May be just my nature- old fashioned, the man is the boss??)
59% Brat (Rex says YES!)
54% Rigger (?)
51% Primal (Prey) (?)
46% Experimentalist (I like this one. It’s his fault!)
43% Ageplayer (Is this ageism!!!???)
42% Daddy/Mommy (?) Rex needs someone to take care of him, that’s for sure!)
42% Masochist
39% Slave (No way!)
35% Boy/Girl
31% Non-monogamist (? No, I’m a one man woman- who could top Rex anyway!)
27% Pet
13% Dominanto (I like to be in charge sometimes…)
12% Primal (Hunter)
4% Master/Mistress (That sounds like a great idea to me!!)
4% Degradee
3% Brat tamer
1% Degrade
1% Sadist
1% Owner

Buzz buzz buzz

As I said said in the previous post. I was completely UNAWARE of Rex’s plans!

He had to fly to Christchurch the following week to sort some legal stuff finalise my house sale, so, before he went, we decided to have a night out in the city.

Tony recommended a place called The Soul, so Rex booked a table right looking out over the viaduct Harbour. It was soooo romantic! God he is amazing! I’ve never been wined and dined like this before. It’s not the fact of the cost or anything. It’s just so wonderful to be treated with so much care. I feel a million dollars when I’m with him, whether I’m in old shorts and a dirty singlet and jandals, or dressed up in a slinky cocktail dress! I feel like a queen!

Anyway I get to wear my new dress! (I know, I know, another one! Look! I spent years never buying any nice clothes because Led hated me wearing anything but boring old fashioned tents!) This is a lovely linen shift frock.

Not sure I’m a lemon girl though…

He wants me to wear the “egg”. Wants me to get used to having it inside myself. That makes sense I guess. It does feel quite erotic, and I find myself almost constantly wet! So I decide to wear some knickers and a pad, so I don’t leak everywhere while we are out! (I hate wearing knickers, They feel so claustrophobic, if that’s the right word)

The view is amazing! The yachts are all anchored and it’s so still. The windows are all open and it is just beautiful.

The meal is… well… amazing! We try a Gisborne Chardonnay. Yummy! Look, buy New Zealand white wines! They are the best!! (A free advertisement!)

Rex is annoying me a bit. he’s fiddling with his phone while we are talking! I wish he wouldn’t do that!

“Stop fiddling with your phone darling! Talk to me!”

“Sorry sweetheart…that’s better!”

He shoves it back into his pocket.

Ooooooo… that’s a bit strange! My “egg” has started vibrating I think! Yes, definitely!

I look up… he’s grinning! The bastard! (Excuse my language!)

Oh jeepers! I can vaguely hear it buzzing! Oooooo… I find myself feeling a bit out of control! I’m not doing it, Rex isn’t doing it. It’s…it’s like having some stranger playing with my clitoris!

“Are you alright my love?”

“NO! You’re using the remote on your… Ooooo, your…. phone, aren’t you? You awful man!!

I find myself slipping down in my seat. It’s not that easy when you are being turned on by an egg inside your vagina!.

He stops it, and I sit back up again!

Then it starts again! The trouble is it feels so good, but it’s not the best place to feel good!

“I’ll go and take it out Rex if you don’t stop it!”

I’m soaking wet! Thank goodness I wore some knickers!

So it’s off to the toilet! Dry myself off and remove the egg! But it feels hollow now without it, so I slide it back in, pull my panties, frock down, up and return to our table.

I kiss him on the top of his head and sit down wagging my finger at him! Honestly, he’s like a naughty schoolboy!

“The one good thing darling is that we can’t get caught! Do you like it?”

“What would you think? In a full restaurant, with my special man, on a romantic date…well…maybe…but I would rather we were at home, or somewhere more private, so I could really enjoy it! But yes, because its you… I love it!

“What about if I just did it very low? How would that be?”

I wasn’t sure. I had stuffed some loo paper in my panties to stop leakage, but wasn’t sure if it would absorb everything. I do leak these days, and not urine!

I was dubious, but thought ‘what the hell, you only live once!’ So we sat back down again and Rex fiddled with his phone, turned it on so it was just humming, then suddenly it went up to a high speed! I shreaked! And nearly fell out of my chair! I’m not sure who got the biggest fright- him or me. His phone jumped out of his hand and slid across the floor and under someone’s table!

Of course everyone who had ears spun around and looked!

“Sorry sweetheart! My finger slipped!”

Rex looked around and sort of smiled and said something about me getting a fright I think!

If looks could kill, I swear that man would have died INSTANTLY!!! To his credit he did look very sheepish, as he got up and scooted across to retrieve the offending machine! If I wasn’t so wound up and vibrating so much I would have laughed as he apologiszed to the two women sitting at the table! He had to ask their permission to crawl under the table and reach out and grab it. One was an older woman and the other was a very attractive young lady with a VERY short dress on! Now, I must add that he’s due to have a knee replacement operation in the next few weeks and his knees don’t work as well as they should. So trying to lower himself down, kneel and crawl under the table and then hoist himself up again by holding on to a chair was a monumental task! Meanwhile I was getting vibrated towards the end, and I still had enough presence of mind to burst out laughing! He was so embarrassed it was worth a bad orgasm. My laughter masked the sounds. However by the time he managed to fluff around and turn the bloody thing off, I think everyone must have wondered what the buzzing noise was!

It was chaotic! I had to make another trip to the loo and change the toilet paper in my now sopping wet knickers, try to dry them off inside a Dyson hand dryer, making sure no-one could see them if they came in, and try to calm myself down. I must have looked a sight trying to walk with my legs together across the floor to the ladies!

When, eventually Naomi got back and decorum was returned, we both looked at each other. Me… very guiltily, Naomi… furious, well, as furious as she can be… then we both burst out laughing at the same time!

I was just thankful no-one knew what had happened!

We sat there and I reached over and took her hand and apologised. “I’m so sorry my darling! I’ll NEVER do anything like that ever again, I promise! She bursts out laughing! Tears streaming down her face!

“Oh darling, Of course you won’t! But there will be something…I hope! It would be so boring if you behaved yourself for goodness’ sake! I forgive you, you know that!”

The meal was fabulous and we laughed and laughed while we ate! It’s so naughty having secrets like that in public!

As we were leaving, some time later, Rex was paying at the counter and I was standing back looking at a lovely painting on the wall, the couple who had Rex’s phone slide under their table were leaving as well. The older lady was standing by Rex, waiting her turn. The young lass came and stood beside me and started chatting to me, saying how much she loved my frock. Then.……..

Then, she quietly whispered in my ear: “That buzzing sound that you had going, I know it sounds stupid, but, and it’s very rude me asking… it wasn’t a…..vibrator, by any chance, was it? It’s just it sounded awfully like one….I have some you see”

I looked at her shocked. OMG! Then I thought ‘stuff it!’ I’m never going to see her again!

“Yes, actually it was!”

Was it one of those remote controlled ones?”

“Uh ha… yes …….why?”

“Is it any good? I mean, does it work? I have a few toys, but she said there’s no way someone her age would use one, especially in public! We were watching you and I guessed, especially when you were laughing when you husband came over and tried to find his phone! I thought it was a good excuse to look up my dress, but he didn’t even glance at me! I told my mum that it probably was one. She didn’t believe me. “

“Well, we have only just got it and this is the last time I will wear it out, I can tell you that! It was very embarrassing! And yes, it does work VERY well! Not as good as the real thing though.”

“My mum, Oh here she is! We’ve just been talking about the vibrator this lady has…”

Was this conversation really happening? In the foyer of the restaurant??

“Oh dear, we don’t want to discuss my private life here with strangers! I’m sorry, my daughter is trying to educate me about sex toys! For god’s sake! I’m 65! Past all that now!!”

Enter Naomi, the sexpert! Here we go!…..

“Sixty five? That’s too young to give up! I’m 81 and Rex is 67! Your daughter is right! Don’t stop now, you’re in your prime! Solo or together with someone. I only started last year! And, yes, that WAS a vibrator you heard, and yes, I did have an orgasm sitting at the table. And, yes, it was lovely! And, yes, you can have them too!”

The young woman giggles and her mum looked stunned!

And with that and a quick hug with both of them, Naomi smiled…

“Bye! Nice to meet you both… and get your mother a nice new one to try dear! Come on darling, time to go!”

And we walked out!


I started writing this post before Rex left to go back home for a week or two. He has some business stuff to try to tie up, leaving me here by myself. So I figured I better finish at least part one!

So here goes!….

What often begins with one of us usually ends up with both of us interjecting via the internet! He saves a bit and then I go on and type my bit and so on! Sometimes Rex goes back and edits my bit!

That’s how it is! Makes it fun. We can argue quite well from a distance! Naomi’s memory ain’t that great these days!


I’m not sure why I get conned into these things. I really don’t!

Actually you say that, but really you actually love this one!

Maybe! It has quite interesting I have to admit! HE, that is Rex, sent away for this gift. He told me I would really enjoy it. He wanted me to have one. I could wear it to remind me of him when he wasn’t with me.

I was thrilled! What a lovely thought! How sweet! He’s just so romantic!

Little did you know my darling!…

“I’ll be able to look at it and think of you darling! That’s just such a gorgeous thought!”

“Well, you won’t be able to actually “look” at it sweetheart…so much as “feel” it….”

” How do you mean Rex?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see Sweetie!”

I couldn’t wait to get it… whatever it was! So when a small parcel arrived by courier the other day I waited until Rex had finished mowing the lawns for my son Tony, and had showered and was ready for a coffee, before I brought it out…

“It’s here darling! Can I open it?”

“Of course you can!”

So I cut open the end of the plastic bag and tore off the bubble wrap and there it was…. a “Lovense Lush 2″….

“What is it honey?”

“Open the box and see…”

“OMG! It’s a sex toy thingee! Rex! OMG!” How does it work? Like the vibrator we bought a while ago? Is it quieter than that? God, I hope it is! …It’s pink!”

I open up the box and there, nestled inside is this little pink gizmo. It’s a ‘remote controlled’ “egg” apparently!

“Do you want to try it out?

“I suppose I’ll have to, won’t I, seeing as you’ve bought it for me?!…How “romantic” …not!”

I’ll have to charge it up first though” Naomi didn’t seem exactly ecstatic…

He plugs it into a USB plug and we leave it for half an hour. I read the instructions. You can make it work from your cellphone! Or the computer!

Why on earth would I need to do that when I’m right here?

It has all different speeds. It sounds like… fun?… I think…..

I leave it charging for a while. Finally Naomi decides she can wait no longer and grabs it. We set up the Bluetooth app on her phone and try it out…it works! She gets a fright when she pushes the button and it vibrates quite strongly in her hand…

“Are you going to try it out?”

Yes, Rex… but you can stay out of the bathroom while I do!

She heads off with the gadget and shuts the door.

I had never used a vibrator that goes inside my vagina before. I can’t say I’m an expert with any of these toys! Rex has 10 digital instruments (no batteries required) which I have full access to day or night and frankly I’ve found them extremely satisfying. lol.

I pull my dress up to my waist, plant myself on the seat…ooo, it’s cold!, open my legs, and squirt some lube up onto my vulva and up into my vagina and try to hold this silicone shape. It keeps slipping around, so I wash my hand and lean back on the toilet seat.

Here goes…..

Oh dear! Bugger! I’ve dropped it into the toilet! I panic and reach down and grab it out!

Why did I do that? I hope the water’s clean! I wash my hands thoroughly and then wash the egg thingee. A thought crossed my mind… ‘I hope I don’t electrocute myself using it! lol

That was funny! Imagine that Naomi? That would have been a real shock!

I’ll ignore that comment. You know I’m useless with gadgets! How would I know anyway!?

I receive a verbal punch on the forearm of course!

And you deserve it!

(I apologize! This gets a bit tense as we recall the events!)

Anyway… lets get back to the story!…..

So I get myself set up on the seat, take my dress right off this time, and squeeze more lubrication into my vagina! (You know, I haven’t got big breasts, but it can be difficult to see down there sometimes, they do get in the way!) Not the most elegant position. God, It’s so slippery now and dripping out. I get some toilet tissue and hold the egg in my right hand and push it gently in. Wow! It’s quite thick… but…. slurp, it’s in! Wow!

Well, at least the big part is in. The tail sort of clips in around the front. It feels quite tight. I have the remote, so I turn it on. WOWEEEEEEE!!! SHIT!!! I turn it off immediately! Woooo!!! That was powerful! I check the settings on the remote and put it onto what I think is the first setting…. Hold my breath and click! It’s quite loud, but not too loud. Even on the first setting it’s amazing! I try to relax, but it’s almost impossible. I’m tensed up.

I lie back a bit and close my eyes and try to concentrate on this thing vibrating inside my pussy and the other bit is on my clitoris sort of…

Then all of a sudden I feel like I’m going to come! Honestly, I’m very sensitive and come quickly, but it can’t have been more than a couple of minutes!

I squeal and try to grip the toilet seat, but I slip off the seat and onto the floor with a thump! Ouch! I scrape my back in the process and bang my head on the sharp edge of the seat. I imagine the headline in the newspaper the next day: “elderly woman found unconscious with a vibrating egg up her vagina!”

I grab the control and fiddle until I find the off switch! Phew! Oh thank goodness for that! It was like torture… but a sort of pleasurable torture. Like having your feet tickled when you’re awfully ticklish. You want it to stop, but it feels so amazingly good at the same time.

“Are you ok in there sweetie?” I hear Rex ask. he sounds a bit concerned!

“Not sure! Can you come in please?” I hear the door rattle… I must have flipped the lock! “Hold on, I’m coming!” Actually I have already come!!! I laugh at my own joke.

I stagger to my feet, my pussy dribbling, all wobbly, and unlock the door.

“Rex looks a bit worried! “I heard a thump then your squealing! You ok?”

“Yes! I used it darling.” I say as I pull it out. ‘Pop! Slurp!’ Not sure I used it properly Rex. I’ll need you to help me control it!”

He laughs! “Don’t laugh, I’m serious! It’s very powerful darling. I only lasted for a very short time, then I couldn’t control it I was shaking so much.”

“Was it good?”

“I’m not sure…” We’ll have to try it again though once I’ve recovered from this!”

“You have to wash it afterwards, don’t you?”

I’m still shaking from that bloody orgasm. I wouldn’t say it was as pleasurable as with you, (at least not to your face sweetheart!!!), but it was very violent. So fast, almost too fast…”

“What setting did you have it on… show me…”

I give the remote to him and point out the setting.

“Oh, no wonder you dilly!! It’s on one of the high settings!”

Trust me! We decide to experiment later! So I pack it up and put it beside it’s little case. Then we go to the computer and try to ‘pair’ the bluetooth (apparently- I have absolutely no idea about technology!) Rex gets it “talking” to the egg. (That sounds so silly!… talking to an egg!) And gets it working on my phone! Amazing! Says he’ll do his one later…(which I found out is not true…he had already tuned it to his!!! (I’ll tell you about that in the next post!!!)

Later that night, I got Naomi to use it again and I “supervised”

We had a shower and I washed her all over… all over… and dried her hair for her. We then sat and she read some of our book to me while I brushed her hair. She really loves that.

He knows now, but I find it very erotic and sensual having my hair brushed, but until recently I never told him. I just close my eyes and drift. I actually find myself getting a little wet down below when he brushes it slowly and gently! I have no idea why, and only discovered it one night when I was sitting on the carpet in front of him on his chair. I got up afterwards and I saw a wet patch on the carpet where I had been sitting! He rubbed his finger in it and sniffed it and pronounced “That’s from your pussy my girl! Are you a bit turned on?” So, that was a surprise! Maybe it’s because I was never pampered until I met Rex. Just about anything he does like that excites me!

I’m telling this bit Naomi!

You’ll exaggerate and dramatize it! Go on then….

I got her to lay on her tummy on the bed first and gave her a massage. She loves her lower legs and feet massaged. Then I work up to her bum and thighs. I try not to get too excited. This is about her Ladyship! So I keep my pants on.

She opens her legs when she’s good and ready and I slip my hand in and play around there until I feel her getting moist. I love stroking her softly and feeling the lips of her vulva getting wet. A woman’s body is an incredible thing, the way it responds. My wife never responded like Naomi.

At that point she turns over and I begin on the front. I find this extremely difficult to ignore! Occasionally I have orgasmed myself just massaging her and watching her reaction!

Tonight I am in (full or at least partial) control!

I have the egg ready to go. According to the instructions, not too much lube is required.

I think I used miles too much when I tried.

Yes, I think you did sweetie.

It’s quite large, but with a little pressure in it goes! It’s almost like her vagina sucks it in! She moans “Ooooo. Yes!”

I continue to play with her nipples, and using her phone, I turn on the vibrator to a low setting.

Her eyelids are flickering. She’s concentrating on the sensation. I turn it up just a notch at a time. I’ll try to draw this out as long as I can. So I turn it right down, then slowly increase the intensity. And down again. Then up a little more. We’re about 30% of the eggs ability when SUDDENLY Naomi YELPS and TWITCHES and THRASHES on the bed!

I almost panicked. It was like she had had an electric shock!!!

“REX!!! …..REX!!! …….REX!!! …..Ooo…ooo…oo…oo …..GOD!” (Something like that anyway!)

Honestly, she was yelling and moaning and her head was shaking from side to side and her hips were rolling! I had never seen her that violent! Then she squirted! It came out very fast and must have projected at least 8 inches!

Bugger! I had forgotten a towel!

I have no idea how long she was coming, but it must have been a good 30 seconds!

Ooooo…Rex…ooo…ooo…ooo…shit….O god…Rex….shit…..Oooooo…ahhhhhhhhh…..

I turned it off, and she went quiet.

She quickly lifted her head:

“No, no, no, don’t stop! Don’t stop. Please keep it going Rex. Pleeease!!!”

I turned it back on and increased the intensity. I could hear it now. It had quite a loud buzz.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…. Ooooooooo, that… feels… that …. feels… so…goooood!”

She starts to pant. Then she comes again!

Then it’s quiet for a minute or two, and she comes again and squirts a little again!

“Stop, stop, stop! I need a rest!”

She starts to cry, which is not unusual for Naomi.

I gather her up in my arms and she has a wee cry.

THEN… “Put it back in Rex! I want to have it again! But when I am getting close I want you inside me instead though!”

I take my pants off and kneel between her legs. They are twitching!

And off we go again….

“Take it out Rex, NOW!! Go in, go in…..please… quickly…”

I’m in like a flash! Just as I feel myself come (like a minute later!) She yells at me:

“Darling, I’m coming, I’m coming… it’s a…m….a…z…ing!!! Rex…Rex… … don’t….stop!”

We both orgasm at the same time! A first for us. We’re not much good at synchronized sex!

She squirts again and I slip out. It’s like being in a bath! There’s fluid everywhere. Like a water main has burst.

“Go in again darling… quick…. OMG that is so lovely. You’re better than any egg!”

She just holds me so tight and close and we just lie there silently joined. I finally pull out. We kiss, that kiss that comes when you are both spent and loved up. The best kisses. Slow and gentle.

“Think I like that egg gadget sweetie!”

I think you do too Naomi!

Was that too dramatic for you?

“Yes! No! … it was powerful though….I don’t scream by the way!!… I just call out sweetly! Now take your shirt off and lets go to sleep”

I do as I’m told. I put my arm around her and she lays against my chest. It’s just so wonderful to fall asleep in each others arms.

Yes, of course you do darling… very sweetly…

I receive a punch in the arm for that…it’s not fair…

She’s asleep in a nano second!


He’s back!

I have been quietly worried about Rex for a while. He had stopped painting completely and was showing no interest in starting again.

But, this morning he sent me two photos!! He’s away again! And excited about it…not as excited about seeing me again…but excited enough!

Here they are! One a Wellington scene. One from Canterbury and another landscape…made up I think!

Hes so clever!!!

Oriental Bay houses. Wellington
Using his sticky thing I call it…self stick!
He says he’s just blocked them in whatever that means!

Btw he’s dressed up because he and his son are off to the Dramfest today…a whole day whiskey expo!!! Don’t think they’re driving home afterwards !!

Love from Naomi


Glorious New Zealand!

Rex on a jet ski!

Rex asked to post this for a follower! There was no way I was going out to sea on one of these! My driving isn’t that good! He went out with a sexy young lady in a bikini!

He said it was amazing…not sure if he meant the pretty young thing or the scenery!

He assured me it was the scenery and that she followed him! ( she was wearing a g string …so I hope so!


Naomi and Rex